Rags to Riches: Week Seventeen

It is time to continue our journey towards the “Holy Grail” of MTGO – a foil Force of Will. We have progressed quite a bit since our cracked RoE booster and 2 tix, but we have a bit more to go. We have to remind ourselves that it is not easy to turn a pile of junk into the most valuable card online while only spending one hour total per session to reach the goal. Nonetheless, we have accumulated a nice pile of cards and are constantly selling, buying, and trading toward out goal; I’d to call this success!

Another month passed, meaning that Freebot is available again, and we can increase our common count by 64 cards. Throughout the series, you probably have noticed that we don’t get much action from our Freebot spoils, but every now and then, I have turned some bot chain’s trash into the treasure of another (and some tix for our cause)! Here is what was obtained in the most recent trade:

With the freebies out of the way, there are a few cards I would start accumulating quickly- Zendikar fetch lands are one example. Now that Zendikar is drafted less, those cards (being popular in many formats) will surely go up in value over time (and as we approach Extended and then Standard PTQ seasons). We don’t have many tickets, but we still have enough for the foil Marsh Flats I found for a good price on a bot.

One of the earliest foil promos we bought, a foil Fork, also found a new home today. We sold it for far less then the first two but still for a good profit after I posted it on classifieds. Remember that smaller margins are still positive margins- these smaller gains are our bread and butter!

With more tickets, I continued the search for fetchlands and decided to buy a few more to hopefully reap the rewards sooner than later. I just cannot believe that those will remain so affordable.

Those are all trades I could get in within one hour. If I would have to recommend any buying strategy right now it would probably be hoarding some of the already mentioned Zendikar fetches as they sporadically dip. If you have a few spare tickets and don’t need an immediate return, it’s a good bet.

While we are approaching higher values with our collection, we will have to think about how to sell those cards for the most profitable and where. Next time, I will also talk a bit about value differences of foils and non-foils and why there is such a wide range of values for foils compared to their non-foil counterparts. The foil market on MTGO is a tricky beast; it’s time we tackled it.

Until then good luck trading,


  1. Its been long since you began this journey it wasnt as long as you seem to think as it was a Roe booster you cracked not a m10. Anyways good series i like to follow it.
    As others have stated it has given me a boost in morale to search through classfields, I used to feel it was pointless now not so much anymore.
    Btw i found a bot with a flawed Koth pricing and bought 4 for 15 tix each during prerelease i could tell it was a flaw caiuse the same bot bought him at 22. anyways i sold em straight away but now in retrospect i should have held on to them. Point is id never had found em without reading this series so thx!

  2. Hello Dennis,

    thanks for the reminder regarding the starting booster. The disadvantage you have with such a series is that you sometimes just don’t get top trades/buys/sales done within the time frame. I guess that’s something you have to live with when pursuing such a task but it can be a bit frustrating sometimes.

    Glad you like the series. I will start giving some more general advise I feel valuable, especially when the number of trades I was able to make is somewhat limited.

  3. It is actaully crazy how far you have come from that pack. Whats funny is it wasn’t really even that good of a pack. I think the rare was worth 1 tix. it just is amazing to see how far you have made it so far.
    @dennis that was nice find i wish i was that lucky lol. i found mimic vats for 1 tix during the prerelease sold them for 5 each it was nice. i couldd only find for though i hate being broke.

    Thanks again for the article series Plejades I love it

  4. Thats a pretty goo deal on Koth right now considering hes still dropping in price and someday that might be the price everyone is selling it for.

    I look forward to these in hopes of advice like you did with the foil Squee.