Rise of the Eldrazi Pre Release Sealed: Blood & Vegetables

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  1. Reading is tech! :)

    But honestly, even if the Null did what you thought it did, I think it’s a bad splash. Like, maybe if it had flying and worked the way you thought it would be an OK splash but I know I don’t want my splash 4cc critter trading with a 2/X. That just seems awk. One other gripe. You didn’t give the Sphinx any love. Beside Drana, Sphinx is the next most powerful creature in RoE Limited. Although, your blue was a bit shallow and not playing it was the right choice.

    All that said, GR was the right choice and your deck was pretty sick, esp after you boarded in Rage Nimbus! That card is a house. Too bad the other vids got screwed up.

  2. Haha, yeah that Mindless Null is pretty ordinary. Most people underestimate the difficulties of playing a limited event with a new set. I for my part enjoy watching people explore and discover card interactions and change their card valuations while they play the games. This is after all how most people approach those formats. Just dive in and see what goes!

  3. I would consider the Null maybe in a black deck as just a removal spell, or if you had a few unbras. I would never splash him though.

    What I did find out in drafts though is that you can splash a 3rd color very easily for 2-3 cards, unlike ZZW.

  4. oma: You’re absolutely right that the Sphinx can be a house and truthfully i should have mentioned it but i kinda figured that blue was just bad enough that i didn’t want to lament over the fact i couldn’t play the triple blue bomb.

    Yes that the null is well just BAD… and trust me i found that the hard way when someone didnt block him LOL.

    I’ll be the first to admit that even though im only about a 1700 limited player that shouldn’t try playing sealed first thing in the morning!(though i did go 3-0 then lose the finals 2-1 so want all that bad :) )

  5. Seabarage: Ya black was pretty deep as well however blue really wasn’t deep enough to warrant me walking away from my obvious strongest color in green. (lets be honest x2 broodwarden x2 invoker and vengevine is enough beef to probally make almost any sealed pool at least 3-1)

    However the argument could have been made for me to play GBr
    I would have been able to add 2 2/1 fliers 2 more removal spells and not played the red token makers and hellion eruption while keeping the red removal.

  6. @Ranth
    Your deck turned out fine and I liked it just as well, but I really like blue in this format though, and your pool definitely had the blue to support playing it as a main color.

    For reference, here’s the deck I would have made:

    1x Sphinx of Magosi
    1x Mnemonic Wall
    1x Frostwind Invoker
    2x Merfolk Skyscout
    1x Regress
    1x Deprive
    1x Halimar Wavewatch
    1x See Beyond
    2x Skywatcher Adept

    1x Corpsehatch
    2x Induce Despair
    2x Gloomhunter
    1x Bloodrite Invoker
    1x Escaped Null

    2x Flame Slash

    2x Prophetic Prism
    1x Warmonger’s Chariot

    10x Island
    6x Swamp
    1x Mountain

  7. Like I told Travis in the comments of his Sealed Vid, it takes big ones to record your first Sealed of a new set! Not sure if I have that kind of courage. :) GJ though and keep it up.

  8. @oma
    Yeah definitely, I’m sure my first sealed was sub-optimal in more ways than one. It’s always good to start discussions though.

  9. Ranth, I heard you say “when null attacks or blocks.” Just your typical case of not reading ;] I do it all the time!

    Ill have to check out your pool. I love sealed for this set.

  10. Ya sadly i read the cards but just let my mind jump to conclusion and didn’t comprehend what it was i was actually “Reading”. Also i’ll completely agree when i looked back at my games that i cringed at my own play mistakes and know that im a better player then that. But it’s exactly those type of moments that separate scrubs/good players/ and the guys running the pro tour from their limited rating. I know im good but i know i also have a decent way to go till i can say that im pro tour caliber.

    @ Seabarge Im not saying the list that you provide would probably be fine for most pools and maybe even worked better for you then what i presented. Infact i love to win by having alot of fliers while my opponent does not.

    However I just seen the insane depth i had at green and knew that i’d just have so many threats that hopefully my opponent would run out of answers. (while also playing to my personal play style of forcing the opponent to have answers for me ) what i did with the red part of my deck is completely up for debate and i acknowledge that.