Shopping with Academy

Hello everyone,

if you are considering increasing your cardpool and want to know how easy it is to buy cards from us check out our short tutorial. You will not only learn how to use the store but also a bit more about our deals that we offer specifically for beginners!

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  1. Hey guys. This was mainly to clear some confusion some of our beginners had when trying the store. Often what might seem easy and self explanatory to someone is unclear to someone less experienced.

  2. I’ll be honest, I wish I had known the first part about a separate sign in when I joined the store a while ago. I figured it out fairly quickly but certainly was not intuitive. Though now that I’ve been using it, The store is great! ONe day I may pick up on of those tribal packs.

  3. Glad for the tutorial! I have a few questions:
    1. At the end of the video, you said that any unused credit will roll over and be saved as credit. Is there a way on the website to see how much credit is unused, or do we have to calculate that manually? I assume it will be visible in game if we talk to the academy bot, but I was just wondering if it is visible on the website store.

    2. How does one redeem their comment points for store credit, and how fast does that store credit get applied?

  4. Plejades: True, I can remember having a little difficulty with the dual sign in. And reminding people that it is only digital cards can save some confusion.

  5. Aznsilly with the remaining credits left over it will show when you go to the checkout screen right under total costs of cards then it will give a new total to purchase. About the comment points i’m not sure on that one.

  6. This was a very nice tutorial, and I’m sure it’ll help people (like me) that were sort of ‘I dunno’ to take the step, because it’s pretty simple all in all. Plus you have to get your cards somewhere.

    I like the ‘may the shuffler be kind to you’ at the end after you’ve made a purchase =)

    Oh and you’re not one fearing for your privacy either, I see.

  7. You can also check your remaining credit by clicking the “My Account” link in the top right, and then the second thing down is “My Account Informations” which should show your account balance.

  8. @Aznsilly – You just send us a mail over the contact page that you would like to redeem Academy Points and we will adjust your balance and immediately apply the credit to your store account. You have to create one in case you haven’t yet of course.

    @Zage – To be frank in todays day and age the data is spread everywhere anyway. I have nothing to hide really and if fans want to send me nice gifts they don’t need to ask for my address anymore ;-)

  9. @Plejades: True, I suppose it’s easy enough to find out.

    Oh and now that I have you: Is the MTGO Academy newsletter starting up yet? I signed up for it about a month and a half ago now I think, but I haven’t seen one yet. Did I make a mistake signing up or has it just not gone out yet?
    I’m not sure what to expect from it, but anticipation is building ;)

  10. Thanks, that’s good to know.
    I too am wondering about the newsletter, seems cool, but haven’t received one or word of one for a while!

  11. Just made my first purchase on MTGO Academy and it was super easy and super fast. Got my cards in 5 minutes after just a few mouseclicks.

    Great service and great prices!

    Note: This is *not* an endorsed statement, just a happy customer! :)

    Btw got a mail about the newsletter earlier, good to hear it’s still coming.