Magic Online ShufflerDaemon, Alpha v. 1.413

Instructions for ShufflerDaemon:

  • Please carefully read these instructions for MTGO Academy’s ShufflerDaemon tool before using it.
  • Please carefully read the Developer’s Note below before using MTGO Academy’s ShufflerDaemon tool.
  • You must be logged in to Magic: the Gathering Online and must also be logged in at MTGO Academy with an account whose profile lists the same MTGO username.
  • Enter the exact MTGO username of the player whose library you would like ShufflerDaemon to modify. Please note that this will only have an effect if that player is currently logged in to Magic Online and is playing a game. Also note that the ShufflerDaemon will affect that player’s library in every game he or she is playing at the time of ShufflerDaemon’s use. Sorry for the inconvenience. :(
  • Choose from the options below how you would like ShufflerDaemon to modify the player’s library. If the player’s library is shuffled, you must use the ShufflerDaemon tool again if you would like to affect the opponent’s next draw. Please note that ShufflerDaemon only modifies the positions of cards in a library that are not already knowable by a player. For instance, you will not be able to use ShufflerDaemon to shuffle Brainstormed cards on the top of your opponent’s library randomly into his deck. Again, sorry for the inconvenience. :(
  • When ready, submit your wish to ShufflerDaemon, and follow the remaining instructions, being sure to acknowledge that you will not be violating the Magic Online terms of service. Thanks!


ShufflerDaemon tool form:

PLAYER’s MTGO Username:
Please make the top card of {PLAYER}’s library a land card, Your Unholiness.
Please make the top card of {PLAYER}’s library a spell card, my master.
Lord Yawgmoth, please stack all the land cards in {PLAYER}’s library atop all the spell cards.
O Dark Prince, please stack all the spell cards in {PLAYER}’s library atop all the land cards.
Please randomize {PLAYER}’s library, lord of evil!

Developer’s Note: Please use MTGO Academy’s ShufflerDaemon tool only for the purposes of improving your own gameplay in non-competitive matches on Magic Online. While the ShufflerDaemon does have full functionality in Premier Events, Daily Events, drafts, 2-man queues, etc., please note that it is against Magic Online‘s and WotC’s terms of service to use the ShufflerDaemon to change your opponents’ draws in these contexts. MTGO Academy, LLC, does not endorse such usages of the ShufflerDaemon tool.

However, since we cannot enforce appropriate usage of the ShufflerDaemon tool, we simply thank you in advance for choosing to play fair.

And be sure to tell all your friends about ShufflerDaemon, only on MTGO Academy!


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