Simon Says #67: State of the Format (BTT 8-4)

In the opening discussion of this episode, I present my view on the current Born of the Gods-Theros limited format. What are the difficulties, where are the important decisions, and which constraints do you have to keep in mind? Chime in, in the comments!

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  1. End of match 1 was kind of funny, with the opponent having no cards in hand, you only needing to get in with 2 attackers to win, him having 2 blockers and you having Time to Feed in hand. You can just eat the Tymaret, attack with everything, kill him. Instead you think for like 2 full minutes. Must have been really annoying for your opponent. I try never to do that to people, loosing to a mana flood feels bad enough as it is.

  2. End of game 1: Time to feed on nyleas disciple and a opponent creature: Just one blocker, 4 damage. Easy line? DonĀ“t understand your calcs with raised by wolds and the leafcrown at all…

  3. M1G3 you had lethal if you had Time to Feed’d one of his guys and attacked.

  4. Match 1 Game 2. If you had but Time to feed’ed the treacherous Murder King, perhaps on the Nyleas disciple, then you could attack for the lethal amount of damage. Instead you dilly-dallied on it. I have not read any previous comments that advised this.

  5. Match 1 game four, you must have missed that your other card in hand was time to feed when you only needed to get four damage passed 2 blockers. Honestly, I think you’re lucky your opponent conceded. Play errors like that could have cost you the game. Maybe I can forgive you though, as nobody else has spotted this yet.

  6. Wow – lead on the copycat comment!

    Thanks for the content, Simon.

    This is a mana-intensive format for sure. I have dithered over my mana splits so many times in deck building – used to be 10-7 was good enough, but now the double costs early really mess those calcs up. And then sometimes MTGO is just not kind in the land drawing department.

  7. P1P1: I take Chorus: Archetype isn’t that great as trample isn’t important, in fact I think Chorus is stronger in a vacuum. By taking Chorus you cut blue out of the pack completely, taking red still leaves Butcher.

    P1P3: I take Bolt: You take Oathsworn cause double costs, but Raised by Wolves is a 5 drop so it shouldn’t matter. The double red in bolt pairs better with the Archetype than it does with the Oathsworn.

  8. Hello Simon,

    In the intro, you were discussing 3-color decks- do you have any examples of such draft decks (in THS Block)? I am very excited to see such a creation, especially without Nylea’s Presence!

  9. @Greg, while Raised by Wolves is the 2nd pick and archtype is the 1st pick, the Raised by Wolves is a stronger card and you should work harder to stay green than red at this point. Red has a tendency to be a trap in this format, so I easily agree with not taking a red card there.

  10. Since the mistake in match 1 seems to be well covered…

    The blocking order in M2G1 of Wavecrash Triton then Horizon Scholar did matter greatly. He was keeping up Gods Willing mana, so you’d be much better off if he had to use Gods Willing to save his scholar rather than his Wavecrash Triton which then allowed him to tap down your best hope of winning for yet another turn.

  11. Although it might seem like a troll move to mention this at this point, I actually really enjoyed your considerations at the end of M1G1. While unnecesary in hindsight, they really showed how a good player will play around EVERY card in the format if possible to deny the opponent a 1 in a 100 out to get back in the game. I think I can really learn from this mentality to play around cards when I’m ahead, and to not do so when behind.

    @ChrisKool: as I understood the intro, Simon will not play 3 color decks, but he will be in 3 colors during the draft to stay open to multiple 2-color archetypes to settle into later on. This draft showcased that to some degree as he was locked in to green but open to several secondary colors: red and blue.

  12. Great video, appreciate the content as always. That said, nylea’s disciple over horizon chimaera is a terrible pick. You had a plethora of ways to pump it, double feral, raised by wolves, and all three dryads, and would have been almost your only source of evasion.

  13. Horizon Chimera over Nylea’s Disciple, all day, every day, especially since you had already decided on G/U. As your matches showed, the Nylea’s Disciples where only average. Yes they can have a nice heal effect, but they are a 3/3 for 4 mana, which became a problem for you in match 2 with your mana issues.

  14. Nice matches. I have to say I hate playing the WU bestow deck in this format. Most frustrating to play against. That oracles insight pretty much sealed the deal G1, gave him all the fuel he needed to outrace whatever you had.

  15. @Chriscool
    I don’t think he was recommending playing a three color deck. I think he is referring to staying open to three colors during pack 1 then picking his best 2 color combination at some point in pack 2.