Simon Says #68: Sustainability (BTT 8-4)

This episode of Simon Says features one of the least strategic opening discussions I have ever recorded. Instead, I talk about playing Magic Online sustainably – how do I do it, and how can you do it?

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  1. Really nice deck! I don’t understand the pick of Scourgemark over Travelers Amulet at the end of pack 2. In a UG-Deck I think a Amulet would be a good option. Even if you find a good splash-card the amulet would be a good option!

  2. I feel like cutting the double green centaurs was correct, but i wouldn’t have been able to do it.

  3. I also would’ve liked the Amulet better. It’s good in this deck even without a splash.

    Great videos as usual!

  4. Awesome deck; *no one* must have been black green but you. ^_^

    Also, loved the videos. I always feel like I learn a lot from your drafts.

  5. Black was insanely open O_o …

    Really nice content, as always!

    On sustainability/going infinite:

    I personally hadn’t that hard time to basically going infinite. From a starting investment of ~30$ (I had luck with my first draft with winning + picking two Snapcasters, making the starting time much easier) and I drafted ~100 drafts (mostly 8-4 from the actual set) from Innistrad until Dragon’s Maze with I think ~100 tix left on my account. (I never played constructed.)

    I’m not really sure what that says, but from what I experienced I think it is possible to draft with sustainability. (I don’t have my win% ready, but it was far from really amazing, though certainly not too shabby)

  6. I couldn’t have first picked the spider p1p1. I do hate the fight for red white though.

  7. Appreciate your deliberate, articulate videos. Do you find verbalizing your thought process has helped your game? Is it accurate to say that verbalizing your options has a slowing effect on decision making? I won’t say I don’t think before I play, but too often it seems I jump into a single, narrow line of play.

  8. Damn, you never got to abuse the spider. Still haven’t got to see it in action yet.

    I liked the intro, but it seemed more like a plejades topic than a simon says?

  9. It seemed to me that green was not that open in the THS packs. When you saw the first Grey Merchant, I thought it would have been a good decision to take it and see if mono-black is doable. This would have meant giving up on the three Centaurs (which we did in the end anyway), but the powerlevel of your mono-black deck would have been so high with two merchants and maybe just splashing for the Menders.

    I was surprised you didn’t consider this option during your draft more and remained with the mindset from your first few green picks.