Simon Says #69: Flashback Lorwyn Block Draft (LLM 8-4)

It is time to take a break from Theros limited as we wait for Journey into Nyx to be released on MTGO. This episode of Simon Says features a Lorwyn-Lorwyn-Morningtide draft, the format of PT Kuala Lumpur 2008.

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  1. Very nice seeing you draft one of the old formats, Simon. I would also love to see you drafting and playing Shards of Alara.

    I would have built the deck a bit differently:
    - take out Naths Buffoon (sideboard card) and one Boggart Birth Rite
    - put in Cauterwauling Boggart (good with the Mob and the Bandit) and Adder-Staff Boggart

    It is unfortunate that you fell victim to MTGO’s shuffler. I would have loved to see you in the finals. Especially because Goblins are a relatively unpopular archetype in Lorwyn and Goblin decks are usually not so good…

  2. There was no way anyone could forsee that, but you could have created quite the brew with 2 colfenor plans and marlen, lili and even sensation gorger to negate the drawback.

  3. Very nice draft, good games as always. That keep in the last game of match 2 was kinda greedy.