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Hello everyone,

just a short update to clear some confusion that came up during the last days. We had several people that couldn’t log in to the store and asked us for help. I am going to paste a short piece of our upcoming F.A.Q. Read this please if you have any login problems!

Log-in and Registration

Q: I registered an account but now I cannot log-in anymore and the “retrieve password” link does not work. What can I do?

A: Please be aware that our main website ( and the card store ( require two SEPARATE accounts. If you registered on the main site you need to create another account with our store on the store page to access the shop and make sure that you are using the right log-in for each page! You cannot log-in to the store on the main page, only on the store page.

Q: Do I have to register for both the main page and the store?

A: Of course not. You only need a store registration if you plan to purchase cards from us. The registration on the main page allows you to download our decklists and tools for free and provides you with an avatar for the comments and the forum. Bot registrations are easy and quick and we encourage you to do both.

Q: Why two separate log-ins for main page and shop?

A: We need a different set of data for the shop to make sure we can deliver your cards without issues and the PayPal payment works proper. We are aware that it is a bit more work and we are working on a future module that will allow our users to handle everything with one account.

Hope that clears some confusion. We are working on improvements :-)

Feel free to comment below or contact us directly (Contact page) if you have any technical issues with the site. We are happy to help!


mtgoacademy team

  1. How does one change his/her password for the store? I can’t find a way anywhere =/