Testing: One, Two, Three — Belcher Combo

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  1. 100c UWb ComboControl Click the arrow to download the above deck in .txt format

    (To load a .txt deck into Magic: Online’s Deck Editor, click “Load”, select “Local Text Deck”, find the location of the downloaded deck file and double-click the deck.)

  2. Really interesting transformation. You guys have encouraged me to get into 100cs (and other singleton formats). However, I really wish you would record some *live* games/queues. You in particular do a reasonable job going through thought processes – but doing it with the benefit (curse!) of hindsight is not as informative as live.

    G1 – I agree that letting the shackles return to hand was probably the best way to go – and playing Baneslayer unprotected just seems terrible there considering the rest of your hand.

  3. I wish you had expanded the sideboard to be visible just to see if there were any changes and what you were running especially since you did mostly post sideboard replays.

  4. Sorry for the multiple posts, but now I remember the reason I wanted to see the side. That reason being the Volcanic Island. You running Pyroblast Side? the ability to run out Explosives for 4 doesn’t seem worth the extra nonbasic especially since you are siding in Explosives vs decks that you plan to cast explosives for 1 or 2.

  5. Thanks for the feedback.

    Robin- I am still working on getting my play up to par. I’ve Q’ed for the PT before, but you wouldn’t be able to tell with the plethora of mistakes I make these day. 100 Card Singleton is great for exercising your ability to weigh risk versus reward and test your overall decision making- I lovvvve it.

    Plat- no I don’t play Pyro side. I have to admit that a random Volc i probably out of place. All you get is the ability for Arid Mesa to fetch it (while windswept heath does not have a go-to land… sad).