Testing: One, Two, Three — Rec-Sur

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  1. Video recording at the Airport on the way to the Bahamas. Talk about commitment! The Airport announcements just add the right amount of “holiday flavor”. Nice deck and a pretty strong build I am sure.

  2. We will soon have an extensive video decktech from Trolls himself (his first “action movie”). I am sure it will be useful for anyone considering playing the deck. Stay tuned!

  3. Attention, attention. Would the driver of a beige Taun-Taun please report to Gate 45.

  4. Just to clarify, Kool’s tiny but knowing “gut” told him to fetch the Wasteland in the game where he got Anarchy‘d out. I, however, said, “He’s Gobbos with 4 mana on the way, who cares!!!” For this I should apologize, as even our own esteemed video contributor Dust_ pointed out, unknowingly that Kool had taken my advice, that Wasteland was indeed the way to go, BUT I am a bitter, bitter man and not prone to such weakness. Therefore I instead opt to proclaim, “damn-be-it-all with your confounded guts, little man!” Additionally, Kool did not bestow upon myself or my lovely ladyfriend any Season’s bounty, but rather chose to clutter the floors of our Brooklyn apartment with a menagerie of jingly-jangly choke-worthy ersatz mice and such for our CATS!!! To this end, I will never forgive him, nor will I protect him from the likes of MODO bruisers lying in wait to pummel him IRL… err, wait… that’s… ME?!?!?!?!

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