The Gunslinger: Legacy and Pauper

Legacy Gunslinging!

Check out Ranth’s rogue decks that he used to challenge the Gunslingers from Wizards.

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Pauper Gunslinging!

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  1. must be nice winning 4 packs, good job!

    Stuck on 1 land, the zoo deck didn’t have a chance against you, though I assume normally it would be hard once they kill your kiln fiend.

    I like the storm deck, and I agree you drew pretty perfect to be able to go off successfully that turn.

    about how much did the storm deck cost to build? i want a good pauper deck for pauper classic, but dont know where i can get the cards cheapest

  2. In fairness i’ve most of these cards for a good deal of time (like back before pauper was even a sanctioned format) So i was able to get most of the popular commons for much cheaper then they are now days.

    However if i was going to start a pauper collection on a new account tomarrow the first place i would look to would be the bulk bots you can find alot of amazing deals that way and then after i had most of my deck

    (or decks heck its builk after all might as well pick up parts for more then just the deck u have in mind!)

    Heck since im more or less making a full article here i think i’ll just cover this subject in my next video :) Anyhow After you can’t find the stuff in bulk Academy here is pretty well priced on most anything they have in stock so is always a good place to look for harder to find commons.

    And yes i was lucky he didnt bolt my Fiend :)

  3. They were both very impressive, I liked the videos. SHort and to the point and both decks were awesome.

    Nice one.

  4. Went back and watched the videos on the other article, pretty nice. Also, I don’t think it was overkill, you were going off and made the right plays, the only thing is, the clock runs pretty low, do you ever run out of time in the span of 3 games?

    I tried looking, but it seems the bulk bots never carry the important cards for the good pauper decks.
    Looking forward to the next article!

  5. I can say I have never personally timed out while playing stormor any combo for that matter (even in a FFA game and needing to kill 5 other players) I can however say that i have seen it happen to other people.

    The best advice I can give you is get aquainted with the short cuts in the game. Such as useing f2 to press yes rather then clicking it, or pressing F6 during an opponents turn, And learn to use auto yields alot as activated or triggered abilites can eat up a lot of time.