The Gunslinger: Momir

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  1. A few pretty terrible plays (not starting dropping forests after his Efreet which would let you kill his guy and let you start killing him with Orgg, not swinging Numot into his Efreet despite damage no longer using the stack, thus making it impossible for him to trade) but it didn’t really matter, since this game basically just came down to the fact that you got the second best possible 2-drop (behind Azorius Guildmage) on turn 2 and he didn’t kill it.

    Yay momir!

  2. I thought a good video, I like ther momir format, you got very lucky with your drops but the resilt was inevitable from turn 2

  3. yeah, I too was surprised by the fact that you didnt seem to see the fact that you could also drop forests (which you had more than 3 of) and activate the ability too. would have let you win a lot sooner. In his case, I think I would have still killed the bob, since the CA is too stupid in momir, and seeing as how you still thought that he would be able to trade for numot, having the yeti in play stops orgg and probably stops you from attacking with numot for at least 1 more turn.

    anyway, it was still fun to watch, and yet another win!

  4. I was surprised for all the reasons Zeitgeist mentioned too, but getting Dark Confidant was epic and well worth the show :D

  5. Yeah for some reason i just didnt realize i was able to use the jinns ability myself….

    I guess its because so few cards have that clause and as seen i know i have a horrid habit of not slowing down and FULLY reading cards (if you ever play momir in the ques it’s not too uncommon to let yourself assume things because games often do go to time)

    . Also on that same note and further review playing with the older cards sets must have set me back into damage on the stack is playable mode lol. Just a few Mistakes that thankfully didnt end up peeing in my corn flakes later on.

    However im oddly glad that these mistakes got caught on video and pointed out as I now know that i make them and can hopefully catch myself from making simular mistakes in future games.

  6. Glad to see other posters here enjoy Momir as well – the casual momir games always seem to be considerably more relaxed than other casual games, and generally nicer people.

  7. A rhetorical question: Did anyone watch this with the goal of learning from watching optimal play or the hope that the game would hinge largely on player skill? Given the utterly random nature of the format, that is crazy.

    Also while Bob is an amazing 2 drop, it was actually less useful than a Grizzly Bears this game… all of the narrator’s plays would have been identical.

    TY for the replay. Much less tedious than watching a whole game.