The Week That It’s Been : 6/14/10

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  1. All is Dust is at 8-9 tix and climbing slowly with eldrazi ramp in block and in standard. Good stuff ranth I always enjoy a new outlook on the up and coming bargins

  2. Thanks for the outlook. Gives me a bit more reassurance about what and what not to invest in currently.

  3. In regards to goblin guide and devastating summons, I think that they are actually starting to drop, and will probably continue to do so.

    There are a lot of bad matchups for the deck in block now, with people sideboarding good answers and the deck not having good ones itself

  4. Very thorough, very nice. Good to see your prediction from last time about Cast Through Time really paid off. Seeing stuff like that really adds credibility =)

  5. Hiyas guys thanks for the replies! Okay to answer a few questions on how/why some of the prices got squirrelly on this video. It was a week late from my personal intended release date. Thankfully most of the prices are still relevant but wow at the meta changes in block in one week eh?

    Due to thoes changes All is dust is finally on the rise and not falling anymore.

    People got wise and have figured out the solution to the problems that RDW presents.

    Then Tarmo dropped again and is sitting at 32tix. So I’m sittin here wondering exactly how low he’ll go before he hits bottom for the off season O.o!!!

    As for my personal outlook on prices to come. I still feel that as a set Rise is going to really have a price jump on any of it’s playable Rares and Mythics even if it’s going to take some time before we see them rise in value due to this being the “Big” set.

    So i guess in fairness we should treat the set the same way u did zendikar. Get your stuff cheap while u can because even if it takes till the next block the only real way alot of these cards have to move is up. One intresting note is that Hellcarver just doubled his price from .50 to 1 tic.

  6. Elspet’s huge increase in price is more than likely due to the fact that the MTGO Pro Tour Qaulifiers are STD. That made the demand for Elspeth so much greater, but rest assured she will drop a great deal after the qaulifiers.

  7. what about the duel lands in ravnica block they are still sitting kinda high even though no one really is into extended. I know the cheap ones are like 4 tix each and the expensive ones hit like 12-14 I think

  8. I’m not sure when this was recorded, but as of late Saturday evening Avenger of Zendikar has shot up to ~12-14 tix (from 6) due to LSV’s turbo land deck from the SCG: Seattle.

    Also, another site’s spoiler list (which I wont link) is confirming the M10 duals to be reprinted in M11. Not that the manlands from WWK aren’t a steal at their current prices (I agree and think they’re low as well) but they aren’t the only duals in standard – refuges notwithstanding.

  9. Okay the Avenger i haddn’t known about yet and if timing had been as i planned would have missed the cut however since the making of the video i have become aware of M11 reprinting the duals along with baneslayer and L-Bolt.

  10. And Milk Bro as for the Rav block lands they’ll always carry at least some price tag but 12-14 isnt exactly the 20-24 price tag that some of them were holding during the ext season. And honestly for the most popular ones i wouldnt doubt that they never drop blow 9 if they even break under 10(which i doubt they will anytime soon)

  11. What you said in the video makes more sense if I think about MTGO in terms of 1 week before.
    Just curious, when does the ext season start again? PT amsterdam is extended right? WIll extended card prices rise after PT amsterdam?

  12. Actually i dont think so. When im talking about “extended season” im talking about the qualifiers as seen on here

    all the PTQ’s for San Juan we’re in the extended format. even though The PT it’s self was block and draft. it’s a totally odd system that makes little logical sense other then that they’re trying to make sure the players are well rounded.

  13. thanx for the input bro, but yeah the whole seasons are crazy there is like a good 2-3 months of extended and like a month and a half of block season while standard almost being year round. Now i know im going WAY ahead right now and want to ask if you think the Ravnica duels will sky rocket in price again once the season rotates around. remember we will be losing mirrodan block from extended soon.

  14. Milk its actually a no brainer at this point that the Rav lands WILL skyrocket once again when we get the next EXt season the ONLY way that i see that they wouldn’t is if we get another set of fetchable dual lands, which at this point is highly unlikely.