The Week That It’s Been: 5/31/10

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  1. Instead of Mox Monkey for Legacy I would strongly suggest people look at Meltdown from Urza’s Saga. For one Red and X you can annihilate an entire affinity deck since it also takes out the artifact lands. So basically its a One red Pernicious Deed for artifacts.

  2. Really enjoyed seeing the decks and also liked the pricewatch, especially because of the thorough explanations.

    One little point of criticism though: Please stop using “however, though” so often. I’m not saying I could do better or even anywhere near what you are doing with these vids, but I just had to say something about it because I really notice it after watching a few of your vids and it gets on my nerves.

    But other than that great vid and grats on all the awesome results!

  3. Good video, keeping track of all the ups and downs on the market can be tough, I found this is a good summary of the big movers.
    And the decks at the end are helpful for anyone interested, ta.

  4. Ya sorry about that Zage in my effort to quit saying “definately” as often i latched into saying “however though” a few times throughout the vid. I’ll do my best to catch that now that it’s been spotted :)

    Any way this was me testing a Series idea. So do you guys like this enough to have it every week or every other week? What else would u like to see/hear about ? Any and all input would be wonderful and thank you for taking the time to view the vid!

    Oh and my Elementals won tribal again this week :) so GO FIEND! hehe

  5. I would very much like this as a recurring series as I greatly enjoyed it.

    Maybe it’s an idea to split the Pricewatch from the Pauper decks though, as I assume ‘buying/selling’ and ‘pauper decks’ share a very small crowd in the Venn Diagram of Magic Players.

    Maybe do it bi-weekly. Tackle each in turn. That way you’ll have more to talk about on each subject and people still get a weekly vid =)

    Oh and please, change the name. I assume it’s a nod to BDM’s ‘the week that was’ on, but the way you’ve rephrased it doesn’t make it look pretty. Also the two are barely related, so why even make the nod?

    That’s it for my 0.02 I guess, sorry for the rambling.

  6. Actually truthfully i don’t read articles on the wizards site unless either it’s directly suggested to me or has to do with spoilers for upcomming product so any name resemblance is completely accidental.

    To be honest My original idea for the series is as the name implies. What has been going on in the past week.

    This i wanted to include the decks that me and my fellow contributors have been playing that week I wasn’t able to get the other contributors this time around for a few reasons including that all chaos broke loose with several of us IRL recently and we’ve being doing all we can so i do apologize for that , A price watch and maybe a hot current or upcoming topics. (I could drop the deck lists if people dislike them or overall feel that they’re just not a subject of interest)

    Also If given the info from weekly PE players I could also include the meta games from their format (or i could have the meta reports be delayed a week by just giving summaries from the tournament top 8 reports from the previous week. Obviously this will give a delayed idea of exactly what is going on but also after a few weeks we would hopefully be able to see a pattern of some sort

    So really i guess it boils down to what do you our viewers want to see most on a more regular basis? :)

  7. Ah, for clarity: BDM (Brian David Marshall) has a column on wizards that’s called ‘The week that was’, where he discusses what happened.
    It’s very different but you can see the resemblance in name :)

    I’ll shut up now as I’m a newbie here and don’t want to hog the comments, but I’d like to mention I really appreciate all the replies here, from you and other posters. You guys are really reading comments and that’s great!

    ps. Personally I like the Pauper Decks part the best actually, and wouldn’t mind a little more in-depth talk there ;)

  8. Great vid idea, just maybe focus it a bit. The deck alt format deck lists should be in a vid by themselves. Matt (Zwick) loves the alt formats on MTGO and can’t stop talking about them in RL! ;) And I’m sure the pirce watch vids will be extreamly helpful to everyone. Keep it up!

  9. First of all, I wanted to thank you for putting together this video. It’s great to check in here and see what pricing you have been following.

    I wanted to point out that two of the cards you mentioned as going up in price were listed on the “building on a budget” section of Daily MTG. These two cards were used in the “Beastmaster” deck that was kicking ass and taking names at the Pro Tour in San Juan. The cards are “Lotus Cobra” and “Eldrazi Monument”.

    You can watch a video from the tournament floor with master deck builder, Zvi Mowshowitz who built this deck and all the reasons why it works so well. I bet this is the reason those two cards went up in price so much.

    Keep up the good work!