Unlocking the Vault #68: Vintage DE with Metalworker-Forgemaster Shop

Vintage is here and people are jumping into Vintage events with their powered decks. There are lots of new faces, which is a pleasant surprise! It appears that the interest in Vintage is genuine, and it bodes well for the format’s long-term health, provided that the prices of Power continue to drop from their sudden peak early last week.

In fact, it’s interesting to think of how much more popular the events might be if prices didn’t spike, especially for Black Lotus after the initial rush to open packs during the pre-release subsided. I don’t want to get into too much detail/speculation regarding the market for Power at this time. I’m hopeful that supply continues to increase and that it helps make Power more affordable to a larger subset of players. If a set of Power can get into the 500-600 ticket range, we should get a large influx of players that can afford Power, thus helping grow the format. Still, there seems to be a market beyond just the bots that can buy in with current prices hovering around 800-850 for a full set.

Nonetheless, the events are firing regularly with almost one event each day, even on the weekdays. It’s possible that the excitement to play Vintage is causing players to ignore the horrible prize support of DEs and that this momentum doesn’t wear off as a result. With that, I played in both Vintage DEs that fired on Sunday evening, and I have one of those events to show off this week. Here is the deck I played:

I also have a bonus Vintage Masters draft for all of you! I’m pretty lousy at limited, so I’m playing in the kiddie pool: the Swiss queues. Nonetheless, this deck, while far from perfect, managed to do well, and I figure it was worth sharing. I’m sure people can pick apart my draft and deckbuilding, but I am interested in seeing where I might be able to improve, so fire away!

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  1. match 1 game 1 round 3 why didnt you ever use lighting greaves for haste? with the first metal worker or your two steel hell kites etc… ?

  2. Round 2 Game 2
    Your Hand Wasteland, Forgemaster, Metalworker, Tomb. Cavern, Workshop, Lotus. Drew Workshop for the turn.
    Why did you not go Cavern naming construct, Lotus, Metalworker?

  3. Hi pain3ller: I would have loved to use the Greaves, but Damping Matrix prevents artifacts from being activated, including equipment.

    Hi Line of Play: That’s a good question. I choose to play Wasteland instead of Cavern because Vintage decks have low land counts and I figured it was possible to mana/color screw them out with Wasteland. Uncounterable Constructs seems like it could be a better play, though I was trying to be a little greedy, perhaps. If they had lead with a fetch land instead of UG Sea, I would have went with the Caver, Lotus, Metalworker plan.

  4. Thanks for the content. I think you hopped on the blue train way to early, 2nd picking turnabout over lightning rift in the 1st pack just doesn’t seem good to me. There was never any discussion. You picked force of will and suddenly only looked at blue cards.

  5. Hi Emisun: Thanks for your comment. I did force blue control pretty hard that draft. I had 1st or 2nd picked a Rift in a draft earlier and found that cycling cards were cut real hard leaving me with a substandard deck which turned me off of the deck idea at the time (I recorded this on Day 2 of the pre-release). Since then, I’ve seen some great drafts built around Rift and Slide, so I would definitely re-consider the deck going forward.