Windmill Slam – 2014 Holiday Cube #2

“I look my best when I’m totally free, on holiday.” – Rosamund Pike

You can find Windmill Slam
on Twitter @WindmillSlamMTG,
or on their Youtube Channel.

  1. Well, if you’re that swayed by one person’s opinion, here’s mine: go all swearing. There are too many fake-clean people out there who make content that’s all sweetness and light but then they swear like sailors in normal conversation. Be real – get popular for who you are, not who you can pretend to be. That’s just one man’s opinion.

  2. I don’t have a strong opinion about the swearing. I hardly trust non-swearers. So, due to your occasional swearing, you can make all sorts of outrageous claims and I’ll have to believe them. Uh oh!

    And that being said, I’m sure it will alienate some listeners. Follow your hearts!

  3. I don’t mind the swearing at all but I’m Swedish and as a people I feel we swear a lot more than others.
    If you feel like not swearing, go for it; if you want to stay the same, fine by me.
    As long as you still can act natural I won’t notice which words you use.

  4. Youre just a bunch of clowns at this point.

    Do not play cube, it should be boycotted due to its awful price structure.