Windmill Slam: Cube Draft #1

Due to popular demand, Windmill Slam’s Denis and Oisin are back with a second set of videos for MTGO Academy; this time in a different format! Join them as they navigate the same Magic Online Cube used for the 2014 MOCS!

You can find Windmill Slam
on Twitter @WindmillSlamMTG,
or on their Youtube Channel.

  1. Super pumped for getting two lots of windmill slam videos in one week! Makes up for the non-swiss shambles on monday…

    When you were against the blue-green mono mindcontrol deck why would you not board in the Brooding Saurian, it “seems dece” in that situation?

  2. Not playing Swords to Plowshares or Rancor in your Naya aggro list? Weird o.o

  3. Omg… Horrible picks (“Armageddon is bad for us” – While playing a naya aggro deck – said NO magic player ever) Just simply horrible horrible horrible all around. 1st picking a duel colored X spell over path to exile for an aggro deck? 1st picking decree of justice? Omg I could not stand to watch this travesty.

    On top of that, irritating commentary. Saw the draft vid and didnt bother with the matches. Came here from channel fireball (exhausted ALL their videos) hoping for similiar if not ‘ok’ content. Left very very disappointed.

  4. Delightful videos! Looking forward to more drafts from you guys.

    One note: I think you could have killed the UG player’s Garruk in game three on your turn 5 by playing your mountain instead of your plains, then crashing in with your Raging Ravine. He was threatening flashfreeze but I don’t think he’d demonstrated an answer in any of the previous games.

  5. Great videos, giving LRR a run for their money…. Please argue more between yourselves it cracks me up!!!

  6. Awesome cube! I’m here for the games rather than the draft since I’m a new-ish player, and I really appreciate the commentary.

    Oh and don’t worry about Celwind, nobody likes him anyway.

  7. If I had to say one thing, it’s that you didn’t prioritize fixing nearly highly enough; You passed so many on-color duals when you already knew you were going to be making cuts. It would have let you more consistently power out your WRG fellah on curve, and it’s not like you did a whole lot of sideboarding anyway. There’s something to be said for reducing the amount of your manabase that enters tapped, but you could have easily run a lot more and had generally more consistent mana.

  8. This was really tough to watch after picking a rampant growth over an elf with a sword and rancor in the deck :X Passing the birds made me cringe too. Just overall a lot of rushed picks without thinking through how the deck would actually run.