Windmill Slam: Dragons Draft #4 — Flavor Text Draft

“That’s kind of dirty sounding.” “Gross, get in there.” Windmill Slam draft Dragons of Tarkir with attention only, or at least mainly, to flavor text.

“That’s too many ‘bloods’.”

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  1. man, never realized how boring the block’s flavour text was. For some real fun you guys should do an ODD block flavour text draft.

  2. Stuck to my suggestion pretty well actually!
    The intention behind it was like: draft as normal, but evaluate flavour text as you would rules text normally. So picking for colour is completely justified; you’re not gonna pick an insane bomb you can basically never play because of colour-requirements either (unless it’s worth something).
    And yeah it’s all a bit subjective, that’s the fun of it!
    Iunno, I like what you did with it.

  3. just cause you had to take crappy cards didn’t mean you had to play crappy magic casting creatures PREcombat really?