Windmill Slam: Holiday Cube 2015 Draft #1

Windmill Slam drafts the Vintage Holiday Cube for the first time this year on MTGO Academy. Join them as they don’t draft counterburn.

You can find Windmill Slam
on Twitter @WindmillSlamMTG,
or on their Youtube Channel.

  1. nice video this time =)

    too bad the sneak attack plan didnt worked.. u had the perfect shell for it..

    keep the good work

  2. Fun fact: You guys saw a Deceiver Exarch, a Splinter Twin, a Restoration Angel and a Kiki-Jiki move past.

  3. geezzzzz

    m3g1.. why didnt u reanimate dead any creature of the opponents graveyard????

    what am i missing???

  4. in m1g1 why did you not draw7 in response to the rakdos return? you could have drawn counter magic!!!

  5. I am with tuntun. I watch the match and thought, OMG why dont the cast animate dead.

    But I love your Videos, especially “windmillionair” should be part of the pro tour.

  6. i would have tooken thada adel just because you can take your oppenets artifacts and use them to cast your big eldrazi

  7. A little too much fighting, you guys! It makes something super fun like the Holiday Cube into a Holiday Family Grudge Match. >_<

  8. Ha, had to stop watching. You guys sound like a married couple, but the real cringe came from all the great cards being passed. Signets, fast mana, fixing… This poor cube draft. Love your videos, just couldn’t bear to have my favorite format decimated. Cheers.