Windmill Slam: JBT Draft #1

Windmill Slam perform for us with the first Journey Into Nyx-legal Theros Block draft on MTGO Academy! And afterward, be sure to check out our exclusive Vintage Masters spoiler!

You can find Windmill Slam
on Twitter @WindmillSlamMTG,
or on their Youtube Channel.

  1. Having only watched the draft, I must ask – are you guys aware that armament of nyx only prevent damage dealt by enchanted creatures, and doesn’t actually prevents it from blocking? If you are aware of that, I think you are massively over rating that card. It’s not sane to even consider taking it over setessan tactics. As I said I haven’t watched the draft yet but I’m sure after blowing out an opponent or two with tactics you’ll agree.

  2. I agree with the above poster ^^^

    Setessan tactics and armament of nyx aren’t even close

  3. Entertaining as always!

    I hope you didn’t go back in the past to see if there was a hopeful eidolon. No regrets! Or something…

  4. Oh, you did. I posted that before I watched the games. My heart goes out to you.

  5. For the future – if you are playing against the constellation giant that gives -1/-1 on enchantment casting, Eidolon of “only play one spell each turn” is a decent consideration for sideboard. The opponent also showed the sea serpent that bounced enchantments back to hand, so that Eidolon was considerably playable in that situation, limiting your opponent to only casting one thing each turn.

    Something to remember.

  6. I keep watching your drafts, and they keep being entertaining. Please keep posting them!