Windmill Slam: Lorwyn Block Draft #1

Windmill Slam flashback draft Lorwyn-Lorwyn-Morningtide in this week’s episode. And it’s… faereally awesome… … sorry.

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on Twitter @WindmillSlamMTG,
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  1. Awesome draft. I was most impressed by the way you guys skillfully remembered to click “cast” rather than “cast with evoke” every time you played the aethersnipe :)

    On a more serious note, Lorwyn is simply awesome. Didn’t have the luck to be a player when the format was played, but I had time to jam 3 drafts in magic online the past week (faeries, kithkins and elves). Even opened a BITTERblossom to SWEETEN the deal.

  2. I guess Oisin can stay after that performance. Great work, guys. Very entertaining as always. Thanks for doing these flashback drafts, they’re very entertaining for me because I didn’t draft when they originally existed.

  3. Of all the sets I expected you to draft on MTGOAcademy, Lorwyn-Morningtide was not one of them. I am pleasantly surprised, though. I was never around for the block, but the crazy emphasis on tribes seems like it would have been fun to play with.

    Also, because I’m a pedant:
    “Gas” is short for “gasoline,” which is the stuff you put in your car. “Petrol” is, as far as Wikipedia tells me, the stuff you dig out of the ground. When yanks (well, canucks) like me say “gas,” we’re referring to gasoline, not the state of matter.

  4. on your Quest-ion about cards starting with q: just pick your favorite Quest. There, another quest completed and I didn’t even have to look for counters!

  5. just FYI treefolks are a very good tribe in this block.

    I got to 2 finals with it, 1 W 1 L and in another final I was playing merfolks and lost to a treefolk deck

  6. Hey Guys,

    In round 1 game 2 when your opponent should have killed you. I assume he/she probably just accidentally clicked through the dialogue asking if you would like to re-direct damage to Liliana.

    In the video you seemed to be overlooking the fact that she is considered a player, not a creature.

    Otherwise great vids gents!

  7. See, planeswalkers really DO warp boardstates! Sometimes they win you games you have no business winning through no fault of their own!

  8. Aethersnipe over marsh flitter when you on top have a black card already is a sick joke.

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