Windmill Slam: Fall INN Draft

“Windmill Slam losses are hard. I treat myself after losses though, I usually go to McDonald’s and I have a hamburger.” – Venus Williams

You can find Windmill Slam
on Twitter @WindmillSlamMTG,
or on their Youtube Channel.

  1. “You’re counting vampires wrong” glad I watched deckbuilding til the very end for that alone

  2. Not bad, however how is a card that gives ALL your vampires +2/+0 and first strike for 2 mana bad in a deck with 10 vampires?

  3. Why is the third video not working? You’re playing Swiss so it can’t be that you lost in an earlier round because that doesn’t matter. I want my Thir-r-r-d round!

  4. In the deck with 10 vampires, your combat trick is really good (speaking from experience).