100%: Aug. Installment pt. 2 – Time Bandit

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  1. Very well played, except minor missplays because you were talking :)
    But the deck is pretty convincing and running smoothly.
    Got some bad luck, especially in the top 8.

    I also know the problem of round 3 game 1: when your going for their lands they start ripping all kinds of mana – like pros. And suddenly your the one behind…

  2. Indeed. Playing and taping is stressful, and truth be told, I don’t like it. It affects my play quite a bit, but I usually catch mistakes within a few minutes of committing them. Strangely, I will set up very strategic multi-turn moves and sometimes do things like forget the most obvious factoid possible. It gets pretty annoying.

    Stay tuned, the deck gets better!

  3. Man after watching all your vids a second time, I really start coming to hate your friggin internets.
    Such a disappointing ending! (you would’ve won for sure)

  4. Well, I was DJing, so I ran like 10 blocks and was down a few mins. The place where I was DJing had a bad signal. I know, it’s a true anti-climax if ever there were one, but I am fine with 8th on my first real attempt at playing in 6 plus months. Not too bad. Daddy’s back!

  5. I’m a little sad no one has taken the 7 hrs to watch all of these and comment; evil, evil little orcs.

  6. I update like every hour and goldfishing my own build watching those again.
    Sadly you really can’t compare our formats (like you taught me online) but the numbers (removal, creatures, mana and so on) I can use. I can only repeat myself: great deck, bad luck…

  7. Yeah, the impact of something like Demonic Tutor is massive: so many more Combo decks would have a huuuuuge leg up if for this being permitted, like gigantic difference. But there are some ideas here. I always preach plauy cards that are good, not just good in a specific situation.

  8. Yeah taught me to play Diabolic Intent. It’s sometimes even better than Demonic, in this kinda build.
    It’s a 2 € card down here.
    But we dont’ get to use Survival since a few months anymore :(
    I can really feel that difference.

  9. Its 12 pm here. Just add 6 hours :)
    Anyways, if your up for a friendly chat use this: 258368380 ICQ

  10. Kinda rude to your opponent and everyone you want to watch your videos to constantly be chatting with other people and making people wait while you do it. It’s like going into a store and the dumb clerk sits there on the phone talking and not ringing people up, etc…. Makes you want to just say “F it” and walk out.

    With that said, I do appreciate you taking the time to make and post the vids, the parts where you aren’t chatting while I sit and wait for you to come back and click OK during your opponents turn are definitely interesting.

  11. Yeah no, I’m not trying cyber.
    I’m just starting to learn Trav’s deck-technology.
    Took me a long time…

  12. I was happy you made top 8 with a loss. I was also surprised that you lost to the red deck. It seems that even with a full sideboard, red could be an issue.

    I’m noticing that most decks use all non basics from the Decks of the Week. I’m thinking some sort of Oath Build with main deck cards like Ruination, Blood Moon, and Back to Basics.

  13. Someguy, I’d say these was my least “wait around” vid I have made as it was a PE with a time limit. I wing these vids, which I think usually tends to make for not only a more accurate but also entertaining experience on the whole. This isn’t a methodically preplanned process; how could it be when I have no idea what I am up against?

    jonp, if you can make Oath work, more power to you. Yes, yes, I have seen the latest Top 8 monstrosities that have popped up wince Eldrazi hit, but, after quite a bit of thorough testing and consideration, I don’t think it’s reliable or even so great.

    Secondly, the majority of the field is Green right now, meaning lots of mana dudes and ways to get to basic land. There are some greedy mana bases out there, but I have won more games when my opponent has played a Moon or Back to Basics than I have lost. In fact, I would board out Moons against my deck were I to be Red. I can find my way to mana and quite easily.

    And yeah, I was kinda dumbfounded I lost to Red as well. Happens. That deck can just overcome adversity in the most reputation defiling manner.

    eXXa and shardfenix, ask for each others numbers already. Sheesh, pervos.

  14. I’m not gonna try to tell you how to do your videos, you’re the one taking the time to make them. And I can definitely see how winging it might add something to it. But I taking forever b/c you’re chatting has nothing to do with the fact that you’re making a video or that you’re winging it.

    Look I’m not trying to “piss in your cheerios”, so to speak, I just know if I was your opponent and you were taking forever when there really weren’t any decisions to be made it would really annoy me and knowing as I do that you’re just chatting with someone on completely unrelated issues I have the benefit of knowing for sure that it’s also pretty rude.

    But in fairness none of that is really my business since I’m not your opponent, so lets just say this: When you’re done recording the video how about you edit out those 1 min pauses that show up constantly so I can watch a 12 min video instead of a 20 minute video? If you’re talking about making no preparation as adding value to the videos then surely you can see how long pauses where all the viewer hears is clacking of keys would also detract from it, yes?

    I understand that to you this comes across as just some random asshole bitching about you on the internet but consider that every person who watches the video sits through those pauses each and every time you stop to have a chat. Every minute that would normally be just a minor nuisance for your opponent alone is now multiplied across everyone who watches your videos.

    Anyways, I don’t really wanna argue about it. Just consider that if I didn’t actually want to watch your videos I wouldn’t have cared enough to say anything. With that said I’ll be honest in saying it does bother me a lot to waste my time waiting while you chat…so if that’s just your thing/how you play etc… then that’s fine too. I’ll just wish you the best and watch other videos. I really don’t want to be a demanding prick who thinks you owe it to me to do things my way – I’m just hoping my appeal will convince you.. Anyways, I’ll just leave at that since this already a ridiculously long rant.

  15. Someguy, I totally appreciate the comments and criticism and indeed I do allow myself to become sidelined. In no way am I annoyed or feel insulted, etc. You def have a point, and I was most definitely more of a slow-player in Commander where it’s easier to lose track of time with all the turns, etc. I def don’t have the fine polish of Limited Resources, but, in a way, I think that’s what makes my videos unique: they’re rough around the edges; they have many a self-deprecating moment; they’re capturing my actual play (which includes running upstairs to answer a phone sometimes, grabbing a drink, playing with my cats). It’s a conscious decision to leave this stuff in and not edit, leaving you wondering just what may or may not have happened “off camera.”

    I will def take this under advisement. This isn’t the first time I have heard this before, though I do stand by the fact that when you’re taping, chatting elsewhere or otherwise, it’s much more time consuming than just playing. And again, in a PE, as you saw with my demise in Top 8, my clock and bad time mgmt ends up being a detriment moreso to me than my opponent. I never, ever ask anyone to hasten the pace in a sanctioned event. Waste all the time you like!

    Anyway, enough with the excuses/reasons! I’ll try to pick up the pace, just like in those salsa commercials of yore!

  16. Typically sweep isn’t so great when your playing almost 40% men, most of which are lost cast and comprise a great part of your mana stability. The deck is a toolbox, capable of wiggling its way through even the crappiest of situations. Try it out; it in no way needs massive, card disadvantage in the form of sweepers.