100%: Aug Installment pt. 4 – The Prodigal Bum Returns

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  1. Why so serious? You made just as many mistakes as your opponent and then try to troll them. Plus your trying to take credit for a deck that anyone with a brain that wanted to run reanimator would build. I don’t walk around taking credit for most of the decks I see online just because I 3-1 or 4-0′d a daily with a bad version of it a few weeks before it was popular. There are a finite number of decks you can build in magic and more than enough players that toy with deck ideas.

  2. Wow, 9 brandnew matches and I can’t watch em cuz my boss is sneaking around the office.
    Hope he’ll be gone by noon. I’m so excited *sing*

  3. Prothico, I don’t know when and where I claimed to have invented Rec-Sur; I was more commenting on the crucial edits I made that make my deck in fact different, and, in some ways, gives me an edge. If you were to look at builds that have Top 8′d, you would see that the difference is in fact significant.

    Secondly, I never said my play was “flawless.” But, again, feel free to consult my Top 8 track record. Taping and talking and playing simultaneously is def not the optimal way to go about participating in an event. And a great many of my opponents were in fact friends, hence play discussion. But hey, thanks for the scathing indictment.

    And yes, LD is kinda insane in the format right now with all these greedy mana bases.

  4. I’m guessing Prothico is just someone who got one of your famous farts in the mouth during this event and now is a little peeved. Good job though, now get back to commander.

  5. I may have to go back to Commander – some biiiiiig changes are in the wind here at the Academy. Hang tight for an update from our fearless leader, Marin the Minewalker! And don’t worry, all good stuff, minus me and Kool getting collagen fenders implanted in our lips to make us just that much more sexy despite many interventions from loved ones and community leaders.

  6. Good games, all nine of ‘em.
    I don’t get how anyone could accuse you of deck copying.
    Your deck in my opinion runs significantly smoother than most other builds.
    Even when you are screwing you are more in the game than most of the opponents when they do and you are rolling them over.
    That’s mostly because of your well rounded tutor package, that most decks don’t run this way.
    You always got some of your best cards in play and your hermit/living death combo happened more than once or twice.
    The difference between your rec-sur and others is consistency and thus power.

  7. I have to say, this deck is by far one of my favs/best. Again, I never claimed to have spawned the more than obvious overall concept, but I sure as heck fleshed it out in a way that performs against all adversity, time and time again.

    Wait till ya see the stinker I run next month. Woooooooo-doggie!

  8. I must say, it’s odd to return after so much haranguing only to get a few comments per video. This neglect does the ego bad!

  9. I have to admit that while I love your videos, watching you quibble with randos in the chat box is pretty cringe-worthy. I mean most of the time you’re right about what you’re saying, it just seems so very gauche to say it.

  10. “Gauche?” I don’t have enough cashflow to buy that 10 cent gem. I think I need to rewatch the vids, as I don’t really know what specific instance is making everyone so butthurt. Admittedly, when people play like total buffoons, I can’t always restrain myself from pontificating. However, I do so with the honest intention of trying to share an insight, not to word-whip people. I usually have the sharp knives out though so…

  11. I wasn’t happy watching that first match. I know its an option to make your opponent lose to the clock, and I’ve done that, so it is a non issue.

    What bothers me is the banter. I am up for arguing with trolls. But to be a figure head and promote being a jerk….thats not something I feel good about. I’m not sure I’d watch if thats what you do when you play.

    I will watch more because the plays and “progenitals” was a good watch. That vile chat box was pretty close to out weighing those two aspects though. :(

  12. First match vs. Chris, after he doesn’t attack you why don’t you attack all out and then sac the shredder to get death? Then your shredder returns and kills the mirror entity. You then let shredder die on the echo recur and kill eladami. I think you are still dead thanks to the village, but you get one more draw and one misclick (or forgetting the man land) puts you back in the game – Baneslayer is just a concession.

  13. I tried to let Travis win match 1!:) I was playing pretty poorly- Elves is like Goblins in the sense that the synergy and speed can be overpowering. Sorry about the lame final match, I kept some awkward G2/3 hands in hopes that they would blossom…

    If Travis is ever “arguing” with me, it’s just typical banter between us. We also know many of the singleton guys, so dialogue flows a lot more than random DEs. Also, Travis is a jerk!

  14. Even if you’re genuinely trying to share an insight with them (which seems pretty dubious), unsolicited advice is almost never a good thing.

  15. Robin, read Eladmri closer and understand how killing a changeling (which is an elf) cannot be targeted while the boss is in play.

    The greatest art of the gross presumption being made regarding my “advice” is that these are close friends with whom I regularly talk shop, not strangers, hence the less formal exchanges taking place.

    Is there a sale on high horses this week and no one told me about it? Can I cash in a 10 cent word?

  16. If I didn’t know any better I’d say that the king of tortured, overwrought sentences is feeling insecure about other people muscling in on his schtick…

  17. You give credit where credit is deserved. Thats how it is in the business. Opponent was ignorant and it was made known that that was not “his” deck and that its been out for “7 months.” Simple and elegant.

  18. In the match against el fake, in g3 you reconize that you’re dead if he has any bounce or removal. Well, remember that Top also draws you a card, so you could get the third land to play shredder from the top and leave the Bird untapped for Chumpblockin duty.

  19. Deep breath, everyone. In this PE I played 5 of my friends: people I talk to outside the game, hence the more blunt approach, which is something preestablished in terms of banter. You know what they say about assuming…

    If you watch the build of this deck I comment on the 4-drop density; GW Liege is pretty lacking; pretty much just a dork that bumps the potential threat index a bit, but offers nothing in terms of “enters the battlefield” type effects, etc. He’s just a dude, not a big, bad Baloth.

    I have no probs with vocab flexing, in fact, it’s my fave! Your reply just seemed a bit contrived in terms of trying to communicate with the king of tortured, overwrought sentences; a little tailored, if you ask me. But what do I know? Here’s an olive branch; let’s build a bridge already.

    Lastly, my play is far from consummate. I would go as far as to say my deckbuilding skills far surpass my play skills. I appreciate the commentary, truly.

  20. Stupid Changeling, its always seems to be trees for the forest with me these days.

    Travis, if people actually watched the videos you started nearly every round with “ack, another friend” I don’t see any reason to bother defending your comments. As you know this is the interwebs where every pauper is a king, your namesakes haunt these hallowed halls with the same verve as they do the gutters of MTGO.

  21. Thanks, Mr. Russell. And, afterward, I actually said to Kool I shoulda done EXACTLY what you’re suggesting, having remembered in the moment but forgot in hindsight (however that is possible).

    Regarding my fans and dejectors: I fluctuate between wanting squirt lighter fluid on strangers while sometimes then asking them to be friends on Facebook. It’s the Travis way, among other things.

  22. Aznsilly- Marin has been in a largely rural area for the last month. Rags-to-Riches returns in September with more cards, more money and (hopefully) more women!

    seabarge- I like your style. ;)

    Everyone- Why are there so many faces in here and so few in the 100 Card Weekend Challenges? Come and play!

  23. I’m watching G3 in the suedo finals against kriskool. You’re killing me with the “I don’t have a black mana!” You have an overgrown tomb still in your deck and a verdant catacombs in play. you’ve searched at least twice and didn’t see it haha.

    I’m still entertained :)