100%: Burnination!

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  1. I think I have lost about 4 games (and the matches with them) to Fireblast when I was at four life. A few times I even had a lifelink attacker ready to secure me some breathing room!

  2. Not only do they always have the fireblast but if they need fireblast plus lightning bolt they probably have that too.

  3. Can we please get the video back? :)
    I was at the German nationals and missed it when it got online :P

  4. Can someone please write an article on how to play Armageddon and Ravages of War? I’ve wanted to play singleton on MODO for a long time, so I bought the 100 Elves deck that Mr. Kool wrote about. I never know what to do with the LD so I usually board it out XD


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