100%: Aug. Installment pt. 1 – I’m Baa-aack!


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Game 1

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Game 2

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Game 3

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Deck Revision

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  1. Crazinesses! Sorry, ppl! Zwick sustained a head injury at Red Lobster via way-too-slippery garlic bread and a chipped dipping sauce container. Forgive.

  2. “Progenitus” would’ve been pronounced like “pro-GEN-i-tus” in Latin, with a short “i” and a hard “g.”

    However, I’m not sure if we should be pronouncing it like they would in Latin because it literally means “the brought-forth man” or “He who has been brought forth,” which is just stupid.

    I didn’t know that off the top of my head — I just happen to be studying for my Latin final right now.

  3. Lol. the videos are such a joy to watch I only realised i’ve spent a few hours on it after its done

  4. So here my post on the decktech only. I’m playing a similar BG aggro Highlander.

    First of all: the Avenging Druid seems also pretty great in Commander, no?
    Would’ve been a natural fit in your Eldrazi build, especially because the Eldrazi got the shuffle ability. Anyaway I’ll get me one and put him into my GB aggro reanimator Highlander.

    Talking about your walls: I’ve really come to like Carven Caryatid in my old UBG reanimator. But I’m not playing her in my aggro GB variant anymore. Maybe it’ll fit in yours.

    How about a Ranger of Eos? You already got a nice collection of one-drops and you might even add a Scute Mob. Would be pretty insane with your recursion engine I think.

    I really like the Lightning Greaves. I’m testing em in my Reanimator aswell and I’m looking forward to see if it works for yours. I’m also testing Razormane Masticore, which might be insane in this kind of deck, especially against aggro.

    Why no Lilliana Vess? Seems like a perfect natural fit.
    Also Boneshredder AND Nekrataal have to be Maindeck imo. Recurring removal is insane, period.

    And finally: what do you think about the other “flashback-token”-spells (Beat Attack etc.)?
    I’m not sold on them yet…

  5. eXXa, ah, my old friend. Okay, lemme try to answer your nine hundred questions in order.

    I didn’t play Avenging in the Commander deck, as I assumed it wouldn’t connect, as you will soon find out with this deck, as much as I would like it to. In Five-Color this thing was like Ophidian on bathtub crack, but, alas, in such a creature heavy format he’s just not where I’d like him to be.

    Another edit to expect: the wall just don’t do enough, cantripping or not. I feel like by playing all but Roots I am essentially saying, sure, attack the hell out of me; I’ll just have this card. I need brutes, not… well, walls. And I hate Caryatid, esp. in this format. If I made a Top 20 cards you’re playing but shouldn’t list, he’d make it. Too many amazing bodies in that CC to waste on a wall that draws a card. The only reason Omens and Blossoms made cut was I needed two drops.

    Ranger of Eos is horrible in this deck; at four mana I wanna fetch mana men? No way, Jose. And what does Scute Mob have to do with anything? This build is very very compact and I simply can’t start down the maindeck Trinket Mage path of adding cards to justify something that doesn’t belong in the build.

    Yes, Greaves is insane. Agreed. Razormane… not so much: slow, unreliable, dies to an additional type of removal. I tried it and was beyond unimpressed.

    Vess… this was a hard cut, but, alas, with the high volume of uber-Aggro decks, she is often a very bad tutor. I suppose it can buy me some time, as in the attack off a single fella, but, in the end, she is just not effective at her cost. As you will see with this deck, the five drops are running rampant as is.

    Boneshredder makes his way into the main soon; I hate Nekrataal and with a passion. I’m already packing the best removal in the format, and it’s rare that I need more than what I can rummage into.

    I end up cutting a Call of the Herd. Just a dork generator. Beast Attack is another five cost, trip G, and not a hot one.

    I say this every month, but lemme say it again: remember, the point of these vids is to evolve a deck. By the time this posted, weeks have passed since it was filmed. I am not insinuating no one make suggestions, quite the contrary, but please take this into account. That, and, well, I haven’t played 100cs in 5 plus months. A bit daunting, really.

  6. Ok since you put it that way I think I agree on everthing more or less.

    I’m not sure how much of a reanimator you want to be, but if you like this route I can strongly reccon Unearth and Victimize. Also Solemn Simulacrum and the Hermit Druid might be good then.
    Spiritmonger could be considered aswell, if there’s any room on your higher curve-end.

    That’s all I got for now :P

  7. I don’t know, man all of yr suggestions are hyper narrow; has anyone played Monger in anything in a billion yrs? he’s slow, not great in the meta, and doesn’t do anything substantial. Victimize is wicked slow as well… Not really the point of the deck, and Solemn in with 5 basics and a Sac Elder seems pretty off.

  8. What do you mean slow?
    You’re half a reanimator deck for gods sake. And Monger is stil quite castable and friggin hard to get rid of. But if you don’t want another 5-drop I certainly see your point.

    Let’s not forget you’re playing a Survival deck and Victimize most of the time gives you more powerful effects than a let’s say Primal (or even Cryptic) Command , even though the creatures enter tapped… (f.e. Victimize into Shriekmaw+Whitness).
    It always worked fine for me and I’ve been playing a similar deck for quite some time. If
    I post a comment on here I’m usually not just throwing random cardnames (only if I say so, like with Masticore).

    And still I’d like your opinion on Unearth :)

  9. Well, nice deck, this is my first time even looking at a 100CS game. It seems so much more like a normal standard game but different.

    Your narration sounded like someone molested your sexy kitties in every video. As you said you were playing more seriously and had to think more, I guess.

    Needs more techno fist pumping Jersery Shore background music. I like you anyways Travis, if you were a hand of poker I’d go all in. I’m standing right behind you.

  10. eXXa: in a world of Primeval Titans, Baneslayer Angels, and other far more retardedly powerful creatures, Monger is far from contention as a potential body. Me likes your old school thoughts, but this format is blisteringly faster than Commander and slow dorks like this really aren’t hot ones.

    Same with Victimize: you’re talking ideal situations here, which isn’t the norm. You’re assuming my face isn’t getting pounded in, or they don’t have counter magic, etc. It’s the coming into play tapped part that I don’t like so much. I see your point, but no, I wouldn’t play these over Necromancy, Recurring Nightmare, or Animate dead, all of which I can tutor with Enlightened.

    On the topic of Unearth, again, too narrow. There’s nothing in my three or less drops besides Fauna Shaman, perhaps a Boneshredder, or Dirty Jesus that I want and/or need. I don’t care if it cycles. Again, I am losing momentum by wasting slots in a very tight deck on such entirely specific filler.

    Mr. Deeds: I love you, too. But I would never hurt my cats in their no fly zone area. Promise!

  11. Def hang tight on this month’s series, I T8 twice and bring the pain like chocolate rain!

  12. Well if you compare Monger to the best 5 drop creature ever it might look a little stupid.
    But Primeval Titan isn’t even a comparison imo, cuz it ain’t an aggro creature at all and it’s a 6-drop. You may be right though, I still have to do some testing with it.

    I’m also not saying “please play Victimize INSTEAD of your stuff”, I’m saying that if you like the necromancer route this is definitely a 2 or even 3 for one most of the time.
    You can’t argue by mentioning counters because they make most spells look bad.
    I do trust you’re a well enough player to Victimize correctly.
    This one is just so good CA in all matchups…

    When it comes to Unearth I think your deck has got redicoulusly good targets for it.
    Anyways if you don’t like it you don’t like it but I feel obliged to mention one last card:
    Terravore (Hermit/Avenging Druid + Fetchland + Knight moster combo).

    Well then, see you next vid.

    PS: Nekrataal wrecks Mono Red :P

  13. eXXa: Primeval Titan is ideal, as the deck runs a ton of significant lands. The trample is far more relevant than any of Mongers abilities (which are mana intensive, something I ALWAYS veer away from). Unless you’re just getting Invasion Block in your village, me thinks that this is a pretty dated card to consider.

    I can absolutely reference counters, as there is a significant difference in trying to land a more cost efficient spell than some giant rectangular fart lord that is either too late to the party against Aggro or dunderingly slow against Control. Please reference the above card, which does nothing upon reanimation other than sit there looking tough compliments of his artwork.

    If you’re still playing Doomed Necromancer, thinking it a competitive answer in a world of Rean-Auras, Karmic Guides, and the like, I think this about sums up the difference between you and I pretty aptly: you like narrow, hopeful cards that require shamrock cologne and attending church on Sundays, and I play the averages, looking at a broader scope/total synergy/efficiency. With Victimize, I’m losing the ability to block, which is almost always the case. Sure, in Commander I’m sure this is a house, but no so much in 100CS. If so, we would see it; it’s not as if you Indiana Jones’d into some forgotten card here. No one is playing these cards, and for good reason: they’re unreliable and over-specific, making them situational, at best.

    Same with Unearth: what creature is so obscene in my 3 or less drops? Beyond Hermit or Fauna? There’s some utility, but again you’re arguing ideal circumstances. I want big guys, things with “enters the battlefield” effects that impact the game. Again, too narrow. Why wouldn’t I just play Sun Titan (which I may suggest) which is considerably more insane and synergistic?

    Terravore, which I built my entire Naya deck around (feel free to sift through our archives for the article from a year-plus back), is a bit unreliable in this deck. Again, you are imagining best case scenarios, which rarely happen in this format. If I were playing ‘Geddons? Sure, but I’m not.

    You can go back and forth with me on this stuff, which I am sure you will, but build your deck, video it, and go up against some stiff competition. I’m T8ing and winning with preternatural ease. I’d go as far as to say this deck, once you see it after next week, is with 8 cards total of being consummate.

  14. Oh, and a 4-cast, 1 toughness dude that kills essentially chaff creatures intended to dole out fast damage… “wrecks?” Is that really the word you wanna use? What are you playing against over there in Deutchland? Tribal cat decks?

  15. Spiritmonger is not impressive enough to be good for this deck. In fact, that card has never appeared in the Top 8 of a 100CS tourney. Anyway, Rec-Sur doesn’t need a random 5 drop that doesn’t interact synergystically with the rest of the deck. Even Baneslayer. If I was looking for another fatty or two for this deck, I’d be looking at Sun Titan and Grave Titan, in that order.

    I agree with Travis on Doomed Necromancer and Terravore.

    Victimize, while being potent in some situations, seems like a stretch, because this deck isn’t a really dedicated reanimator that’s going to reliably dump fatty or fatties into the yard. The version I play only has 5 cards that can deliver the fatty: Entomb, Buried Alive, Survival, Mongrel, Brushhopper. So Victimize is going to be a blank a lot of the time. If I was adding another reanimate spell, the next one I’d go for is Diabolic Servitude, which some people play in Rec-Sur. It can provide card advantage, doesn’t require sacrificing, and the creatures aren’t tapped on the way in. The tapped / losing a blocker thing is pretty hugely important against Red, and to a slightly lesser extent against RGW.

    I actually find Unearth to be interesting. It’s a one mana spell that cycles, so obviously it’s not going to be “obscene” most of the time. But it’s cheap and versatile. I’ve had a whole bunch of situations when it would have been nice to get a Saffi or a Witness or a Yavimaya Dryad back onto the battlefield for cheap.

    I disagree with the notion that there exists a single optimal build for this deck. One starts with about 85 cards that are obvious and which pretty much every good version of the deck includes. After that, you have a pool of around 30 cards that could legitimately fill the remaining 15 slots. There are some complex tradeoffs involved in those choices – that’s why building 100CS is challenging.

    Like I said in our chat, I was into the part of this video where you had a pool of contending cards and made some changes, discussing your thoughts along the way. That’s a nice format.

  16. I wouldn’t say that Nekrataal wrecks red, but the trouble with red is that hardly anything actually wrecks it. They have a lot of cards that you can’t defend against simply by gaining a bit of life, throwing down a couple of blockers, and killing some one toughness creatures. It is just a nasty deck. Even Sphere of Law on turn 4 doesn’t seal the deal, because by that time you might be at 8 life, and they have their ways of punching through.

  17. Well put, Zim. I, of course, disagree on the comment about the universal 85 cards. Like I was pointing out to you the other day, and when I was discussing this with Kool he said the same thing: you were playing The Rock, not Rec-Sur. That’s the difference, and it’s a significant one. The decks are just entirely different and so many levels, yet it’s not noticeable at first bc there are so many similar card choices. I think you’re right though: eXXa is talking more on a Reanimator build, which the deck just isn’t.

    I may be missing something on Unearth, but I just feel like it’s not something I would ever want to OD, which is usually an indication to me that a card prob isn’t optimal. Good, sure, but optimal, prob not so much.

  18. I think you’re a bit to harsh on your “to situational” argument.
    In a deck like this you will always have nice targets for Victimize.
    Nekrataal wrecks mono red because they’re all 1-2 toughness guys and he’s got first strike (meaning he’s always a 2 for 1). But sure, he’s not be best guy you can get at four.

    In Germany decks like this wouldn’t be played competitively.
    I got a reanimator because it’s fun.
    The competitive variant of it would be UBG combo reanimator including Bazaar of Bagdad.
    Our bannings are a little different and the format in genereal is much older than the 100 CS on modo I think. So you can’t compare that much and you shouldn’t be saying stuff like “what the hell are you playing down there?”

  19. But, eXXa, you are making comments assuming we know any of this, completely overlooking that I am building on MtGO’s Bannings, not a single community’s house rules across the big, wide sea. That, and you seem to be imposing your idea for an entirely different deck atop mine, which, on the whole, doesn’t really apply. It’s like you’re talking RDW and I’m talking two-color Gobbos; sure they have some similarities, but the execution of that end result is soooooo different. This isn’t a Reanimator deck, as both Zim and myself have pointed out, yet you keep on pushing the topic despite it being entirely unrelated.

    I in no way mean to be “harsh,” but if you ruffle your feathers on a topic in which I have proven time and time again to be more than informed I will respond as such. Perhaps preface statements with, “in my community, which has different Bannings, these cards…” Because as it is, you are mentioning situational and, in many respects, inferior cards. Maybe not for Bazaar UBG, but this isn’t that deck, not even by a mile. I appreciate suggestions, but, at times, you meander off topic, and sometimes in an argumentative manner that demands like force: pls reference your “you are playing too many lands” four week tirade on my last Commander series. I state my intentions with my decks clearly, take this into mind before you try and build something different on top of what I am sharing.

    Aaaaaaand breathe.

  20. Hey! Was cool to see myself play against one of the format greats on my favorite MTGO video site.

    There are so many ideas and things I’d like to see in this deck that aren’t in there. I play a GWB deck in commander quite a bit.

    I’m sure you’re going to fit Fauna Shaman in the deck. I also like the new Reassembling Skeleton. Mmm Skeleton and Contamination..then you’re going enchantments again lol – Deed/Idyllic Tutor sheez.

    One thing I can say is with entomb, I like Bloodghast in the main…especially with stuff like Recurring Nightmare/Survival/Fauna Shaman.

    Cards that aren’t really my flavor: Krovikan Horror, Saffi Eriksdotter, Avenging Druid,

    Dread Return – I know you’re thinking flashback when you hermit your deck. I guess maybe you get lucky having 3 dorks out to sac? The problem is there isn’t anything in the deck I see outright winning if you reanimate that way. Also, against most of the decks you’d want it against will keep you from having 3 dorks in play. I’m sure you have a better reanimation option or even a regrowth effect to get your living death back. (Already have witness).

    So much more to say. I love the deck though. So many options, no GWB is the same.

  21. So you don’t want to be that much of a reanimator.
    That’s what I’ve asked you the whole time :)

    Have you had a look at our current top 1 deck? If yes, how do you like it?

  22. jp: with Control making up around 20% of the field, Bloodghast would be sided out more than in were it to be maindeck. He can’t block, making him not very useful in Aggro match.

    Saffi is beyond synergistic in a deck like this; any guy on his way to the Ether with an”enters the battlefield” ability plus Saffi equals gross times at Ridgemont High. In short, try her, she’s disgusting, especially at the vital two-drop slot.

    I agree Krovikan is lackluster, but, alas, a necessary evil. I rarely get Recur going; it’s almost always Survival (or Fauna Shaman, now). Krov’s your sure fire way to stretch out those activations on Survival, and, as a machine gun, he is pretty okay.

    Avenging Druid gets cut for the same reason Bloodghast doesn’t work main: too many dudes running around in play to make him useful.

    Lastly, this deck wins one of three ways (in this order): I Hermit Druid down my deck, Dread Return an Eternal Witness for a Living Death and annihilate their board (swinging for victory the following turn and ensured by Reveilark/Karmic Guide loop), I Natty Order Progenitus and attack twice, or I just kill them with my generally higher quality men. I used this very play to win three of the matches that put me in the Top 8 this last weekend.

    The Skeleton/Contamination combo is cute, and basically just that. I’d not put much stock in pulling this off + having board control + have enough threats to actually win, as I would be locked out + the majority of decks are playing Black as a splash at the very least (do some research and you shall see). Seems fine in Commander, not so much in 100cs.

    eXXa: you haven’t asked once, you have just been barking on and on about how you would do this or that, not even really looking at the deck (which is what all these comments are about, the deck featured, not one you have been playing in a house rules version of the format in Germany).

    I have to be honest and say, to me, even though you are playing some obvious banned stuff and cards not yet available, this looks pretty undedicatedly janky. It’s missing some staples for Reanimator to play unneccesary things like Raven’s Crime and Mana Leak (I get why you are playing the, but still); again, consistency is foregone for situational chaff. The mana is greedy and subpar (Mirage fetches/Maze of Ith/Undiscovered Paradise???). I can imagine a random opener with this and being like “oh crap,” as Reanimator is prone to god awful draws. I’m sure you feel like I’m just spiking the proverbial volleyball back your way, but I am not doing it for spite. Seriously, someone else take a look at this and tell me if it doesn’t strike you as a little off, especially with these more lenient bannings.

    Actually, scratch that! Why are you even arguing about an archetype I’m not even attempting to play, which I have stated in the comments, and which I stated clearly in the video? I feel like you watch just enough to get a basic idea of what you THINK it’s about and then you start trying to bellybop me out of the spotlight to pontificate about something off topic – as you did on the whole “too many lands in your ‘Geddon/Grand Arbiter deck.” I’ll tell you what I would tell anyone who wants to challenge my insight into this format: win 13 PEs with 7 different decks after supplying the community with an in depth dissection of just how to beat you and I will be more than happy to start doubting myself. Not in a house rules scene that you and a handful of other people play; here, online. Otherwise, you’re just a dejector. This is a forum for discussion of the provided topic, not ousting, especially of moi. I don’t care if that profile pick your touting is in fact your own chest (also weird); if you wanna cross swords with me, can we at least do it on the same subject, bro bro bro.

    Now wipe that egg off your face and take a look at these links. Reanimator is a pet favorite of mine, and, I took it to some 1st place finishes a number of times (which online is pretty hard). Granted, these lists are dated by a few releases, but they may help you smooth out this build of yours:




    See you guys back on Thursday with updated build! Stay tuned for the last two installment: both PE coverage, both of which I Top 8, one of which I sort of win the whole frickin’ thing.

  23. Wow, I didn’t expect your answer to be that much over the top.
    First of all I was talking about reanimator the whole time and I already asked you about it in my second comment (read it).

    But the most rediculous thing is how you go on about the reanimator list I posted.
    First of all it’s not my deck, but it won 400 € (530 $) in a 182 men real life tournament.
    I myself played in the tourmanent with a 5c Staxx deck and saw said deck in action.

    So you really shouldn’t try to take away from the deck.

    And yes it’s me on my picture and no I don’t want to cross swords.
    But thanks for the offer, I’m flattered.

    Now can you be nice again?

  24. eXXa,I got nothing but love for you, but truly you seem to be rambling on and on. I’m sorry, but, even with your weird house rules, that deck is most definitely not top notch. You offered me a list, I gave you the opinion you sought: chaff-tastic. Things like unbanned Demonic Tutor is an entirely different format – please, anyone feel free to chime in on this. I have no knowledge of your format, nor do I because I am not a member of your insular community, nor are the vast majority of our viewers.

    The reason this site is called “MTGO” Academy for a reason. We cover the online version, which, yes, extends to the Paper version. We offer content about the formats that are recognized by the manufacturer and moderator of the official game. Not local German Academy.

    And when I said cross swords… I think, once again, your head is somewhere else and somewhere worse. This is an expression that means, “to challenge or pick a fight with.” No pee-pee talk.

    Congrats, between this and your ingame messaging, I am exhausted. I will gladly concede if it means I don’t have to rinse/repeat my answers for the fortieth time. Watch the video, listen more closely, and try and stay on topic. This is the point of the comments, not to assume the world knows what you’re talking about.