100%: Oct. Installment pt. 1 – Crazy Wif Da Cheez Whiz

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  1. Hello everyone,

    we are aware of the issue and will work on it asap. Meanwhile feel free to check our past video content. We will update when the videos are working again.

  2. Not siding in Teferi against storm combo in game 2 of the first video? I guess I don’t understand the reasoning behind that choice.

  3. Nor do I; I must confess, my game is off, as I am working like 70 hrs per week and forcing myself to play with the hopes of entertaining you freaks.


  4. Hey there,
    good to see you back.
    Loving the deck so far but I think it’s the same problem as with your landfall build.
    Right now you got all those cute synergies going on and you’ll realise soon, that playing stuff like Jace TMS is just always better than cute synergies :)

    Really feeling you in terms of boring job/work and as always looking forward to next week.


  5. Hmm, eXXa. I gotta say, this deck is the OPPOSITE of landfall; sure it has seemingly “cute” synergies, BUT it’s like a gosh-dang tutoring monster. As I progress, you will see how often I get what I want, when I want it. My complaint with Jund-Fall was that it was just a rip and hope style build, no throughput, no deck manipulation or drawing.

    I really love this deck. It becomes one of the more powerful decks I’ve piloted in the format by the end.

  6. Bc it’s not right in the deck, far less powerful than Inferno, its ability is waaaaay less impacting, and I only need a sole big dude, as you will see, to kill duders dead!

  7. This deck probably captures the spirit and philosophy of Singleton more than any other deck I have played in this format: one ofs and many a manner to get to them. At a glance, it may appear, as was stated, “cutely synergistic,” but I assure you, it’s powerful, consistent, and can weasel its way in and out of a situation quite easily.

  8. So I was thinking about Lotus Cobra for this deck.
    You got so much card advantage and the deck uses it’s tempo so well, that it seems like natural fit (also 9 fetches).

    Btw. what are you doing against Back to Basics?

  9. You should have played this card! Or this card! Or this card! or this card!

    Just kidding. I honestly find you very entertaining. I’ve never done 100CS, but you make it look really fun and something i’d like to try sometime. You’re funny, witty, and a good player, so I look forward to all of your videos. It would be nice if people would stop saying “You should add this card” without any sort of explanation, as it adds nothing of value.

    Anyway, you seem like a very busy man, so it is a joy to see you making videos in your spare time.

    PS – stop being mean to your gf!

  10. cool vid, the deck seems fun and very resilient, definitely more fun to watch than the landfall deck because of the many ways you can shape your own fate. In the future I’d love if you did some more vids on the blue/white armageddon deck you showed off in the past.

  11. Dessiker – There will be a few matches against said deck in the weeks to come.

    eXXa – Lotus provides mana, and, as you will see, can ease the deck’s transition into a 4-color build, BUT it simply doesn’t do enough. I believe I mentioned in the build how I thought it the BoP, and Noble Hierarch were unnecessary. The deck’s curve is super low, so, other than ramping into Inferno Titan OR going insane with Survival (which you usually use it maybe four times max to get to a victory) it doesn’t do a lot. A great card, indeed, one I love, but not right for this deck. Acceleration isn’t as important as fixing, and, you said it yourself: “9 fetches.”

    I appreciate the kind words and comments. I must admit though, where is Tarmo? Surely he must be aware that I have taken his mental offspring and slapped lipstick and sexy camisole on it for improved play. Where art thou, of worshiper of FoW?

  12. In game3 of Match 2 in the first vid, why didn’t you just fauna shaman the tog away to get mystic snake and counter the stroke?

  13. Why does everyone point out play mistakes in the form of a question when clearly their only goal is to knock my chapeau to the ground?