100%: Oct Installment pt.2 – Once you go Black..

Match 1

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Match 2

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Match 3

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Match 4

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  1. Calm down, you Trav-addicts! This is just a video of two horses playing in a waterfall anyway so…

  2. Two horses playing with a waterfall you say??!
    I’ve got to see this!
    Also: do you comment it (which would make it even more entertaining) or is it just them and the sounds they’re making?

  3. eXXa, I can give you Travis’s address if you want to see the Magic happen in person!

  4. Ok, from what I can tell it is a browser issue, and I have no idea how to fix it. It won’t play in my firefox either…. which is why I was confused when someone told me the videos won’t play because I tested this in IE.

  5. So strange, I don’t know whether to blame Mozilla or to blame our service provider for the site ;/

  6. We are working on it currently. Our tech teach will update in case we have something new.

  7. using firefox 3.6.3 and the latest flash player and no video on the website works, this started 2 days ago (before that videos played just fine). i didnt install or uninstalled anything in my computer so i think its the videos host fault.

  8. You got dumped!! I’ll date you though! Although neither of us are gay, our relationship will just consist of magic slinging and cuddling.

    Great vids btw!

  9. I always get dumped. OR, as my g-ma says, you have no problem landing ‘em, it’s keepin’ ‘em ya gotta work on. Pretty girls are crazy; it’s fatemos and charity cases from here on out.


  10. at zwick ive had issues on the last 4 or 5 video postings the last 2 by travis the last 2 by owen and 1 by you

    maybe time to look into off site hosting?

  11. So I finally saw all the videos and ChrisKools shout-out to me :)
    Feel sorry for you getting dumped, but at least you saw it coming. If that’s any help…
    Also I gotta ask: could it be that you were quite drunk during some of the matches?
    Wouldn’t be a suprise given the circumstances and it sure would explain a lot.

    On the deck though: I see no black cards being added or any changes being made at all.
    So why the dark side theme?

    Lastly: will you add the new Masticore as soon as it’s available and have you ever thought about the Razormane one? It’s cc5 but it doesn’t require more mana to shot guys, which seems to be an issue with the Classic one in this deck.
    I still think the deck is lacking mana. You got so much going on but you’re losing some games cuz you ain’t got enough time (and time is mana) to do it.

    What’s your opinion?

  12. In my haste I just realized I mis-titled this installment. Once again, my new responsibilities have drained my hollow head of what little useful information is rattling around inside. How dare?! The reproach! The dark is fast approaching though, my shirtless friend. Hold fast!

    Yeah, the breakup sucked, but when do they not? Meh. I’ll still be gay with that one guy I guess.

    Original Masticore is absurd, and far more potent than the other. First off, the cost; that one mana is beyond significant. Secondly the lag time on its face-blasting powers sucks eggs. Sure, you can’t use regular old multi-mouth on 4 mana as a ginger-haired machine gun, but you ice a critter at 6, or maybe even more at 8. To be honest (SPOLIER) ‘Core proves to be a bit underwhelming, more the threat of what it COULD do than what it does.

    And again with the mana… I swear to you, young man. What is your damnable obsession with mana?! The deck rides smoothly where it is. You need 3, maybe 4 to really get rolling pretty solid. Just watch away and see for yourself in the videos to come. With all the draw and throughput and fetches and cheap threats (unlike your proposed Razormane) mana really didn’t prove to be an issue.

  13. It just to me felt like you could be doing so much more every turn with more mana.
    But you’re the one playing the deck so I’ll stop talking now and wait for the Dark Side to arrive :)

    PS: On the Masticores you’re prolly right. They’re just to mana intensive these days.

  14. One quick suggestion for my new BF! A few times, you seem to have survival in play but only one green source and an anger in GY. You should try out Forest Dryad so you can search with survival, play it, then tap again for another survival activation.

  15. Cute, but no cigar. When I am running skimpy on lands, I ain’t putting one with a pulse in the deck that will not tap for mana right away UNLESS Anger is in the bin. And, as you will see, this isn’t like Rec/Sur; you only usually Survival a few times, not to a gross number like when you’re bringing duders back to life. Sure, that scenario sounds sexy, but more often than not you will end up with a dead land/dude or lagging on mana efficiency.

  16. I once tried a hetero life partnership with travis, but he kept on bringing skeezy women to our dragons’ den.

  17. Lol thats pretty funny Chris…
    IDK if the vids are working for everyone yet or not but they work fine
    with google chrome…
    and travis i love the videos sorry i can’t complement on the playing
    but i hardly know anything about this format…

  18. ok downloaded chrome too and videos work again :)

    i really like this madness discard deck! very cool