100%: Oct Installment pt.3 – Darker Yet

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  1. Sorry about the first 2 videos, there was some error in transfer so we’re left with the last 2 in this week’s installment :(

  2. Hi Trav,

    I got a tiny suggestion: if your opponents are doing stuff like robbing themselves of 6 cards (Upheaval) you could ask them, if it was clearly a bad move, why they did it.
    Maybe we could all learn a thing or two then :)
    Pretty unlucky this time but in match two you coul’ve just shoot the cobra and see what happens. Doing this you could’ve also gotten your Squee engine going (instead of Anger) and in case of you surviving the turn got your defenses up with Obstinate and stuff. :)

  3. Def sucks about the vid loss, but better the end than the beginning. Sorry, gang! Try yr best to enjoy what’s left to enjoy!

  4. You seem stressed out and off your game lately. A lot of rough luck too. I like the deck and it seems better than what it’s given you, hopefully next week you bounce back strongly.

    That was such a strange upheaval, I dunno what he was thinking. Fauna Shaman into Shriekmaw seemed like the obvious play to me afterwards, but you also seemed to reach that conclusion. Another nice video, keep them coming!

  5. Def not the same duder now that I’m in a 9-5. My mind is entirely elsewhere, planes beyond that of Mirrodin, Alara, and Dominaria. Mayhaps me thinks I’m getting old and worn like a stone.