100%: Salad Days

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  1. Nice Deck

    FTK seems good main as a source of removal that can be tutored out and possibly Duplicant at least sideboard for decks that run problematic guys like Baneslayer or Meloku or even against Reanimator. Duplicant also gets searched out with Recruiter unlike FTK, which is kind of nice.

    Cold-Eyed Selkie is a guy I have been trying SB against control and he seems to be pretty good as an unblockable viper.

  2. I don’t agree with your lack of Harmonize when you really don’t have any card draw…Not to mention the card is SIICK. But its a nice deck brah

  3. C’mon man give us a game or two along with the awesome (and exhaustive) deck techs.

    PS – happy birthday!

  4. F games! And I added FTK, but you know that bc I played against you last night (nice try, plat), and Harmonize is not good in a deck with an actual curve that isn’t farting elves or one drops out. I hate that card, forevs! If it ain’t got legs, I don’t want it! Also, this is a fun deck. Relax, animaniacs!

  5. I might have seen you play the FTK I can’t remember, I just noticed that it wasn’t in the list above, so I figured that it might have been my FTK that was in play at one point.

    What i am fully waiting for now are all the people that will copy this deck to play in the Qs. I already frequently will see people with your UW and have played against what appeared to be your reanimator a few times, but that is more difficult to tell since many reanimator bases would be similar.

  6. Hmm. I dunno about the Rean comment? You yourself were quite the open dejector of the LD portion of the deck as well as the land cyclers initially. I only point this out as a point of pride and extensive testing; I don’t feel that in any way the builds I have shared are “conventional,” though, of course, they have the typical trappings with regard to dump and slizz to bring homies back to life.

    But yeah, FTK came in like two days after this vid was made, as the deck has zilcho removal. Seriously, this thing can house decks with greedy mana bases and outclasses a lot of dude-based decks by virtue of sheer burliness. Def give it a try; I have won a few 2-mans.

  7. On the topic of Survival, it’s hardly ever card disadvantage; the example you gave ends up the same way if you just play out the lackluster guy and it gets killed off, except you’ve set yourself back a grand total of G. (And I guess a card because of having Survival in play, but if the argument is that the Survival effect isn’t worth the card you lose to have it available, I definitely can’t agree there.)

    If nothing else, I feel like it should probably be in the board for the same matchups where you board in Genesis or other long-game cards. (It’s also another way to search up your Magus of the Moon where Pact and Natural Order won’t.)

  8. Good points. I tend to build around what I perceive as “optimal overall synergy,” but admittedly things slip by unnoticed here and there.