100%: Sept. Installment pt. 2 – Killin’ the Cute

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  1. Cool deck. I have been thinking about a jund colored ramp deck for a while but I got sidetracked with Azusa EDH.

    I would recommend taking out the searing blaze for something else. It seems really out of place and I didn’t really see a point where you would have wanted it. I think I would take it out for Kitchen Finks or Grim Discovery. Finks + Oran-Rief the Vastwood is awesome. Why are you not running BBE?

    Also I am a big fan of Crucible of Worlds in the sideboard against control. It ensures you hit all your land drops and with Crop Rotation, Titan, and (to a lesser extent) Scapeshift you can get them on Wasteland lock. Maybe put it in over the Hill Giant dude.

    Oh and I was thinking of Comet Storm for this deck as basically another Lavalanche.

  2. Mudkips,

    Thanks a lot. I found searing blaze to be pretty reliable. As the deck progresses I talk more on why I keep it in. I try Grim Discovery, but it proves pretty meh. Lastly, Crucible is banned in 100CS, otherwise I’d be allover it like a Snuggie.

  3. Good work and congrats to your new job.

    The deck runs scaringly well and seems like a lot of fun.
    While my inner Timmy is sad about those cuts, my brain knows they were right.
    But I gotta say, except for the elves-guy (who beat himself twice) your opponent’s seemed quite underwhelming.
    If I’m right, not a single of your titans was removed even once.
    I know it’s not your fault and I might be wrong about those decks, but might it be possible for you to battle some of your friends again?

    Like ChrisKool or so.
    The battling you did with rec-sur against them was overall pretty exciting.

  4. So, who is in line for the Avenger and Baloth slots?

    I know you can’t choose your opponents, but we still never got to see any legitimate games against someone packing islands. I’m looking forward to seeing you run with this in the next weekend challenge.

  5. When Control becomes a legitimate force int he meta I’ll 1.) run into it and 2.) build accordingly. Strangely, 9 times out of 10, the Casual Room is wrought with “Control” decks. Alas, none yet. Please know that I play tons of games, electing few as worthy of sharing. I simply can’t pick my opponents, their skill, or their decks.

  6. Isn’t there an option to challenge your buddies on MTGO in whatever given format?
    I was able to challenge my buddies for pauper / none format matches a few times.

    Seems like Chris is up for the challenge aswell :)