100%: Sept. Installment pt.3 – Foreclosure of a Dream

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  1. Great vids, in match 4 game 2 could you have grim tutored for scapeshift? I didn’t count the number of mtns in your deck but scapeshift + titan landfall

  2. Yeah that guy in video 2 last game wouldn’t have survived anyways: you could’ve shot him for 2 with the mancer. This time around your opponents seemed pretty good so very nice games.
    I don’t know if I like the changes. Seems like Rec-Sur with R instead of W now.

  3. Game 1 you should have Firebolted Garruk on the spot. Mana acceleration is just too good. Bone Shredder wasn’t doing any good anyway.

  4. Match 1 (against the GW deck) Game 2 – You had lethal if you cast tinstreet instead of farseek and used Sarkhan’s +1 ability. He has to block the Kavu and you deal 10.

    All in all I think I would be really tempted to drop the lavalanche. Its blowout potential is big, but in the late game it is basically a falter effect (since the game ends when you attack) and it is too unwieldly in the “early” game to stem a flood.

  5. match 1 you had lethal the turn after he played panglacial wurm if you had swung out and firebolted him twice

  6. The critics have amassed! Indeed, I have been playing a little loose, esp. in these vids. This deck is pretty out of my comfort range, as it is almost entirely a “rip and hope” kinda build. It’s fun, but, honestly, it’s so straightforward at times, and, considering the overhauls, I get baffled in game. Do forgive my raw-doggage! Thanks for the pointers, home fires!

  7. So – where do you go from here? Do you feel comfortable running this (presumably with a few tweeks) the next time a weekend challenge event fires, or do you feel like this is mainly a “have fun bashing heads in the casual room” level of deck?

  8. SPOILER ALERT: This month’s final submission is of me playing in a PE! Hang tight for the brutality that ensues!