100%: Sept. Installment pt.4 – Scorched Earth

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  1. That round 2 opponent was playing the type of deck I see all day in the casual room. They always seem to luck sack me (or tea bag if you prefer) the same way. If it’s not the nest/oath/thoptor…it’s some iteration of polymorph or proteus staff on a token. They don’t even fall over to LD, because of the lucky oath of druids draws.

  2. Outch. Well, sometimes you lose and sometimes others win….bad luck that he assembled his combos with ease but it happens. Jund brings you no luck, Travis!

  3. Redic result. Sometimes the fates conspire against you. Jund is better than 0-2, but this highlighted some of its serious shortcomings. It can’t stop combos reliably, and it gives decks that have a plan too much time to set up (barring an LD heavy draw).

    Against mopey decks (like EVERY singleton deck *I* seem to be building) it just inexorably crushes.

  4. you should mulligan more. I have only watched the match vs chris ,but in both games you kept hands where you were dead if you didnt draw a green land quickly (first one needed the ramp to get your 5 drops online in a relevant time frame, second was essentially a 5 carder unless you “got there” by radogging a green of the top).

  5. Edit – match two game one you do the same. You don’t have any real plays until turn 4.. is that really good enough?

    game two’s hand was full of manafixing and had a goyf to apply pressure.. not terrible but not really spectacular.

    Yes there was some amount of bad beats (especially the nestcraft loss) but you put yourself in the position to lose to them by keeping hands (and playing a deck) that doesn’t really interact until midgame.

  6. Kha,

    For def; I usually ride out bad hands, esp. if it’s a “just draw one land and I’m gas” opener. I hate to throw back something, esp. on the play, that could pan out fantastically if only I hit a measly land. I’m a greedy one in the risk vs. reward department, but it usually fares thee well. At times, I keep weird hands just to demonstrate probable outcomes for the videos, usually verbally bookmarking these occasions.

    But yeah, this deck was rad when it worked but turdsville when it didn’t.