1. Great vision of the block. I didn´t noted how the removals are soo expensive and couldnt be so effective on the late game.

    Keep writing man! Good Job!

  2. RC Maia,

    You’ve pointed a very effective way for playing Theros draft.
    Hopefully the 2 other expansions will remain the same way as Theros.
    My first impression on Theros was terrible, then i played on a few events and it improved considerably.
    I think your intension was recommend a strategy, so it’s not mandatory analyse card-to-card impact on game. Anyway, similarly as you did with PV’s article, linking another article with that type of analysis, would be awesome in order to achieve a broadly revision.
    Anyway, congrats for the article and keep writing those tips, so the GP season can become easier for us.
    Replying a comment above: GW sux forever!