Aural Fixation

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  1. Fun deck and good article. I can’t wait for Urza’s Saga … there are some really good cards for my 100 singleton enchantress deck in the form of Argothian Enchantress & Serra’s Sanctum. It should really add some power.

    Mirari stands out in your decklist to me as a sub-optimal card … it looks like you are only running like 7-8 instant/sorcery cards. I would probably find another enchantment card to play instead. Just a thought …

  2. As someone who only started playing singleton at the start of the year, this is a great introductory list to the format which I would have loved to see (although I can now build almost anything). I like how the new players can take the Rubina deck and get a lot of their cards and still have leftover playables (e.g. – decree). However, I don’t think it’s wise to encourage bouncelands for the new players. I can’t count how many times I got frustrated with Wasteland, Acidic Slime, Goblin Ruinblaster, and now tectonic edge. Perhaps the Refuge’s would be a better option that are still budget-friendly and manafix?

    Finally, I don’t agree that the tournament decks should stay in the tournament room. If you don’t have a buddy list to playtest with, it use to take upwards of 5 minutes to find a game and I would say maybe 20% of the time the decks weren’t tournament lists/archetypes.

    Just my $0.02

  3. Nice article Zim!

    On the TP room vs casual room, I used to play in TP nearly exclusively, but now just play in the 2-mans exclusively except for the rare times I decide to try out a fun deck. The 2-mans fire just as frequently if not more so than games in TP and tend to have more competitive decks to test against. Although you do get a lot of other people testing out new decks, so the meta is a bit different than in the PEs.

  4. Hey Guys!

    Mirari (and some other cards) were not properly displayed due to an editing oversight… (Our deck list tool doesn’t like commas.) I’ve gone through and tried to fix the errors- so now Mirari is Miraris Wake :)

  5. Refuges: I’d agree, these could definitely find a home in this list.

    Bounce Lands: I’ve also been frustrated by Wasteland and others at times, but I think they’re still a solid choice. I avoid dropping them on turns 2-4 if I can help it, which helps some.

    Tournament decks / casual room: I’ve noticed that lately a lot of people are creating matches (as opposed to single games) in the casual room, and that’s a decent way to separate the casual and competitive crowds.

    I still think it is realistic to hope for a day when it isn’t difficult to find a test opponent in TP, because 100CS is a reasonably popular format. But, that only works if people choose to use that room.

  6. Yeah, Mirari’s Wake has been pretty helpful – the deck has lots of cards that appreciate the extra mana.

  7. Great article and apologies for the editing oversight. This was a long one and I am a very old and sometimes grumpy man. Do forgive.

  8. Great article and good starting point for beginners that want a budget friendly way to get started with 100 Card Singleton.
    Thanks for the “Mirari fix”, Chris :-)