Back to Basics: Buying/Selling

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  1. Good video for those that are very new beginners to MTGO.

    Not sure it’s a great idea to have your home address and personal information all visible like that though…

  2. Matt and I discussed this yesterday and he was ok with the fact. I guess he secretly hopes for female fan mails. Go Matt, go!

  3. I have already begun sending letters, but not with my name. He has no idea whats going on, and maybe after a few years I can convince him to fly out and tell him the truth. Back to the video I wish I had something like this when I first started MTGO. I was so inexperienced and had no idea how anything worked. I ended up making a lot of bad choices as a new MTGO player, but I was able to correct them. I think these videos are essential for new MTGO players. Maybe we could create a thread for the new players to find all of these articles. It would also be helpful to have something where we could click on the the writers photo/article picture that would take us to a complete collection of a writers article. Just food for thought. Nicely done Matty boy!

  4. We are currently planning to use the “Resources” Page to display all columns with author and description and then links below it to all parts of the series. It will have to wait a bit though as I am currently preparing my trip to Wizards headquarters and fixing other issues.

  5. Yeah, I figured what the hey, might as well show people what it should look like in there. If people decide to sign me up for dumb stuff, at least we have website traffic to track it back to :)

  6. I used to live in Blackwood. Lakes at Knoll’s Run right down the street from Highland Highschool…lol