1. Nice statement Travis(like always),i think i would like to rescue my old 5 colors,and other decks for the format,but all we know the decks are based on a fine mana draw/fix,and for that usually have a bunch of fixers,like Sakura-tribe elder,rampant growth,or farseek.

    But i must admitt,5 colors all solutions decks are the more funny decks to play,is like a multideck,and have the essence of 100 singleton inside,draw the best answer/threat.

    Good job,see you here because i will take a break on modo i think. ;-)

  2. I recently created a wish deck after finding that the complete set of judgment goes for practically nothing on ebay (I bought few and suddenly had some wishes to deal with). I make an eldrazi based deck with some dragon brood mothers to make use of the spawn tokens should I not get enough for the big boys (or the wish to pull them). Of course dragon brood mother would often clean up without the appearance of eldrazi and I was often eating the tokens with the dragons.

    Basically I decided the best of both worlds, three brood mothers in the deck and one on the sideboard. That way if a blood braid elf cast the wish early, I’d grab the brood mother and almost always have her in turn four a five (usually the time when I could cast her with the aide of spawn tokens)

    Thought I’d share my wish experience.

  3. The hate list is a nice summary worth referring to, but I strongly disagree with the sideboarding strategy suggested.

    Cards like deathmark, slay, celestial purge etc see no play in our format, nor should they. We already have access to some of the most efficient removal ever printed, and minor value cards like this are usually a waste of a slot. The blasts are an exception simply because of the gross efficiency and flexibility of their effect; compare vs. flash flood, which is largely a non-factor.

    The sideboard cards that are successful and are worth running in 100 card are generally game-changers that radically affect or invalidate a certain strategy, not pure value cards.

    Examples would be Decree of Justice against counter-based control; Gaddock Teeg against greedy high-cost control; Kor Firewalker, Tivadar of Thorn and Sphere of Law against mono-red; Primal Command against Survival; Consuming Vapors against Naya; Ruination against 4-5 colour decks.

    These aren’t small value cards, they radically reshape the games in which they are played, and unless answered immediately make those games very difficult for their targeted decks to win. That’s how sideboarding works in legacy/vintage, and that’s how it works in our mini-vintage sister format.

  4. Do remember, this article is old; like more than a year. Not only are more cards available for consideration, my exp. has improved as well. Just letting ya know, if ya missed out on that.

  5. That’s an entirely fair point, just making sure a range of perspectives is on the page for whoever stumbles upon it :)