MTGO Academy Bots

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  1. Please post your buy prices as Supernova and Clanteam bots do… you beat a lot of their prices, but it’s impossible to know which ones without a lot of work. I promise you it will pay off if you make your pricelists public.

  2. Is there any way to buy the bundles you offer from bots for tix? For instance could I get the gatecrash common bundle from a bot for tix?

  3. You have buy bots? I had no idea. Like another iser suggested, maybe you should publish your buy list. It makes it much more convenient, I still will probably not be using your buy bot because it would be such a pain to find out the prices at which I’m selling.

  4. Trick- Sorry, currently, we do not offer any bundles for sale on our bots or for Event Tickets.

    maxiewawa- Yes, we do, and we are looking at the best ways to implement Dutch’s suggestions, but are unsure of when they will be realizable. We do try to be very competitive, though, so I encourage you to give one of them a chance!

    Thanks for the feedback!

  5. Which bot will buy packs,I have about 10 Theros packs I want to sell but can’t find the bots to sell them to

  6. I just joined MTGO, and I am having trouble selling packs to bots. I have 2 M14 boosters that I’d like to sell but none of the bots seem to want to take them

  7. @Will T. The value of M14 packs is very low right now, which is probably why you’ve been having trouble.

    @Alejandro. All of buybots, including Academy_Buybot, should buy packs from you for event tickets or credit if we’re in need of them.

    @LLCoolshae. Email me to work this out. (My email address is accessible through clicking on my name PlanetWalls above.)

  8. How do I purchase dot credits? Every time I go to purchase they’re out of stock :/

  9. Hi Justin,

    That shouldn’t happen in most circumstances. Send us an email with your trade ID through the contact form, and we’ll help you out.

  10. Having some issue with the bots on the new client. The Buy bots still say “You may take X tickets” when you sell cards to them, yet there are no tickets to be taken.

    I haven’t seen Tickets in the Sellbots, either. I figured I would use my credit/tickets stored with Academy to get M15 boosters but the SellBots and Standardbots never have them. How do I either get some boosters or my tickets from you?

  11. 13:28 Academy_QuizBot: Your trade session ID is ‘O2SL820D’ (include it in support requests)
    13:28 Academy_QuizBot: Please type ‘go’ to start the quiz!
    13:29 bolanoid: go
    13:30 bolanoid: go
    13:30 Academy_QuizBot: This isn’t a valid answer, please type A, B, C or D!
    13:30 bolanoid: a
    13:30 Academy_QuizBot: That’s unfortunately wrong. Please feel free to try again in 7 days!
    13:30 Academy_QuizBot: Have a nice day and good luck next time!

    Happened more then once :(

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