Building Blocks: A Modern Masters Draft

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  1. Green White is theoretically Thallids in Modern Masters. Modern Masters, more than almost any draft format but cube, does make you draft an archetype.

  2. You try to invoke pity through your self pity by saying that you drafted poorly and “would have won the first round if not for a misclick”…..Lame, that’s a poor excuse for being uninvested in your Job.
    But don’t worry, you play like any other narrow minded niche player i’ve seen trying to showcase their skill by entering DRAFT tournaments…. You’re stuck in your rut man, just admit it and save yourself the embarrassment of playing these skill and knowledge intensive formats.
    Stick to what you’re used to and leave the game of skill to players like Simon and Marshall. You complained about the “bad” luck you had more than any other player i’ve heard on this site, if you’re truly Invested in any game you make your own luck and stop whining.

  3. Some people need to breathe a little… No Mercy, go outside, take a walk, feel the sun, smile!

  4. I feel like you got reasonably lucky. You didn’t know the format or the archetypes, you opened one of the most valuable cards in the set and got a free pack due to a no show. I completely expected you to goose egg this one.

  5. I thought you did just fine for only your second time drafting the format. I am sure all these comment warriors just naturally know every format without practice but we can’t all be gods like them.

    If I could be critical for a moment though, please have something in reserve to post if you are feeling under the weather! I don’t want to miss your content but the sniffles and choking got a little distracting by the end.

  6. YourAdHere, playing on MTGO is one thing. Posting on MTGO Academy is quite another. For silly drafts, there’s a Humor section. But putting out content for an audience that is here to learn in the Draft section? There should be a standard on that. And this should not be it. The audience should be allowed to expect better than this. One of the standards should be “This shouldn’t be your second time drafting the format unless the format is only one week old.”

  7. God, the comments here a vicious. Colossus, you’re not paying for this content. So that kind of nullifies your argument.

  8. Question: In Pack 1 Pick 11, after having decided to go tokens, why did you take a Sylvan Bounty over an Echoing Courage? In fact, you didn’t even seem to notice any of the Echoing Courages that were going around in this draft, and they do great in token decks, but Pack 1 Pick 11 is the only one where I really felt it should have been the pick. All the others could have legitimate arguments made for other picks.

  9. Appreciate the draft. Please don’t post sick and pick (that was pretty gross) a full cadre of vid’s to post (no 2nd round) or put up another vid..