Building Blocks: Crashing Gates

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  1. Hey Lee,

    I getting into block since RTR and I have been absorbing as much as I can from these articles. I really like your articles.

    I have one request/suggestion. On the RTR preview you did and cards you were interested in you never posted a videos of the deck. Can you post videos of these decks and refer back to this article on the strengths and weaknesses of the cards you highlight here.

    I think it would give regular readers a clear picture of deckbuilding, card evaluation, and how the theory works in practice.

    One again love this stuff keep up the good work.

    My Username is GoodHunting on MTGO so hit me up if you are around.

  2. How do you determine “azorius” to be the best deck? (it’s not even a deck, it’s a guild).

    The best dake is either BR Zombies or something like Naya midrange. I haven’t seen this “azorius” deck top 8 any GPs, let alone win one.

  3. Saying control is pretty dead really isn’t an accurate statement, in my opinion the control deck will switch to esper,it gets Dimir charm to counter those pesky rakdos’s returns it gets orzhov charms to deal with creatures, it also gets Ghost dads which is better then armada wurm.

  4. I agree that control isn’t dead at all. Just because mono blue control and blue white control isn’t something we are seeing often in the current meta, doesn’t mean that other forms of control aren’t thriving. Five color control has made top lists quite a few times, and cards that allow the player to control the tempo of the game and always have an answer, such as snapcaster mage, and sphyx’s revelation, are very popular, as are the many forms of field wipe which are a form of control.

  5. @Troy: The reason I’m hesitant to actually film very rough decklists is that while you can learn a lot, you usually only get to play two rounds and nearly always lose (losing is the best way to test things). I try to look around at the lists taht are doing well and display them, because they are at least tested. Sometimes I try my own thing out (did not due this too much in RTR), but only after I’ve already tested it quite a bit. I’ll probably do this more going forward since the card pool has expanded.

    @Marsh and Sokolva: I didn’t say control was dead. I said it was not by and far the best thing you can be doing now, because aggressive decks get better with Gatecrash. Also, Sokolva, this article is about Block Constructed, so there is no Snapcaster Mage.

  6. Lee, it might be disheartening to see all these commenters that apparently didn’t even read the article. But I for one am a big fan of block and your articles, and I cant wait to see some videos with GTC cards. Keep it up, man.

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