Building Blocks: Red-Green in Theros Block Constructed

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  1. In match 1 game 2, he double blocked because if he just tries to trade Polly’s you can make yours a 6/6 with the bow.

  2. I liked to pack at least a couple more burn spells in the 60, since I was seeing a lot of mono-black — because it’s the cheapest competitive deck — and you need to clear those deathtouch blockers. I was running just the 4 Magma Jets for awhile at first and it wasn’t enough. Polis Crushers are OK there, since they sail past and kill out the Eidolons, but are still forced to trade with Agent of Fates. I was hoping you’d face mono-black just so I could see how you played it, maybe I was doing something wrong in that matchup.

    Anyhow, good vids man.

  3. thanks for the video. Your confusion over the double block was somewhat infruriating to watch as your audience was sitting there going “LOOK AT YOUR BOW!!!”, but it’s great to see quality block content.

    You’re absolutely right that this deck is incredibly punishing of mistakes. It’s basically pure gas once it hits 4-5 mana, so any stumbles by its opponents are severely punished. Reason I don’t like playing the deck is that the mirror is just a miserable experience though. It’s basically you either get T2 caryatid + T4 threat and win, or you don’t. And if you both get it, the fact that poly k can monstrous means the person who goes second loses. The only real interraction or possiblity to come back in the mirror match basically comes down to hunt the hunter, which is a massive blowout if you get it off at the right time, but if you don’t draw it in time then it’s just gg.

  4. In M3G3, playing a Polukranos on a board where he has Polukranos and Bow is pretty bad. He can attack, gain deathtouch and monstrous for 1 before you even go to blockers. But you can’t be the first guy to miss an ability on the bow :)

  5. Thank you for attempting to pronounce Satyr correctly, it was driving me nuts in match 1.

    I know it’s silly to be annoyed by it but it’s like nails on a chalkboard to me.

    Nice vids, keep it up!

  6. in match 3, do you know that voyaging satyr can untap nykthos, and double tapping him for double of your devotion? you could have used monstruosity for polukranos in round one pretty early…