Building Blocks: Return to Ravnica Block Constructed

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  1. You want Martial Law in any white based control deck. 1-2 copies only I think as having more than 1 has dimishing returns.

  2. @Ramela: Do I? Martial Law costs 4 mana, and while it’s a good effect, I’m not sure it’s worth its cost. It competes with Jace and Supreme Verdict on the curve, and the last two are wildly better. Martial Law is also pretty bad while you’re behind (playing it on turn 4 is just too slow), and only gets good after you’ve stabilized the board. I’m still willing to try Martial Law, because it might be the nuts and I just don’t know.

  3. I feel that it is definetly worth it, it is like a planeswalker they cant attack. (A bit like a Tamiyo with only the +1 ability) It is also very synergistic with Jace. Jace + Verdict + Law is obviously thick on the fours, but you can work around that by cutting a 5 drop for it and just accepting that you will waste a mana or play a Gate on turn 5.

    Besides, it is not enough to just diversify your finishers, but also your answers. They might Slaghter Games your Verdists too!

  4. In your jund aggro, why not run atleast 1 or 2 corpsejack. He fits perfect with all of the counters.

  5. @Pmirick: Basically because he’s just a 4/4 that requires other cards to make him better. Just having Scavenge is enough; I don’t think I want to put out a 4/4 that dies to Mizzium Mortars, then spend my next turn putting double the number of counters on my guy. He basically just seems win more.

    @degausser: I’m not sure what to add. I think Cyclonic Rift is much better than you are giving it credit for, and I think Keyrunes will be winning a majority of my games, and don’t think Chromatic Lantern will add too much to counteract that.

  6. hey like where your going with the first deck :)

    will you have a look at this deck for me and let me know what you think ?

    (lands 25)
    4 blood crypt
    6 forest
    4 golgari guildgate
    2 mountain
    4 overgrown tomb
    4 rakdos guildgate
    1 swamp

    (creatures 16)
    4 lotleth troll
    4 dreg mangler
    4 deadbridge goliath
    4 desecration demon

    (planeswalker 4)
    4 vraska the unseen

    (others 15)
    4 abrupt decay
    4 dreadbore
    4 mizzium mortars
    1 underworld connections
    2 slaughter games

    (sideboard 15)
    4 auger spree (swapping in against aggro for the underworld connections, 2 slaughter games, and a dreadbore, i’ve also been bringing them in for the lol troll)
    2 slaugher games (these come in against control decks, decks that run angel of serenity as a finisher, taking out 2 mizzium mortars)
    3 rakdos returns
    4 golgari charm
    2 underworld conections (against control, taking out the mizzium mortas)

    @lee mcleod your imput would be great :)

  7. @ lee mcleod
    interesting that in you izzet build your using doorkeeper and not frostburn weird which can turn aggressive

  8. @paulallan: I think Desecration Demon is pretty bad, since it’s possible you can just never get to attack with it, and it’s entirely up to your opponent whether or not it happens, and giving your opponent options is always a bad thing.
    Slaughter Games is absolute trash, like all Cranial Extraction effects. Especially mainboard. LSV wrote on article somewhere on CFB about exactly why these effects were bad (don’t impact board, put you down a card, etc), so I would suggest you read that if you’re unconvinced. It’s not the worst against control out of the board, but it’s still pretty bad.
    Deck is also too split. There are a ton of removal spells for a creature deck, and since none of them are burn spells, you might just open a hand with a ton of removal spells and no creatures, and you don’t want that. Take some out for creatures.

    And Frostburn Weird might be better; I just wasn’t sure how color intensive it would be.