Cruel Ultimatum in Standard

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  1. Good article, shame you didn’t win more but they did seem close.

    Was a good insight into the deck and maybe with a few tweeks and some more luck hitting the 7 lands it could definately get some more wins.

  2. Last night I ran it again and broke some what even going 5-3. Thought Hemorrhage is needed in the sideboard to battle Venegevine better and Emrakul. Thought Hemorrhage naming Emrakul is GG for polymorph

  3. Nice article. Played a kid last night that ran a similar build. Though I think he should have spent more time learning how to play the deck. He made a lot of play mistakes. Though if he would have caught himself I would have been toast.

  4. The deck doesn’t forgive to many play mistakes which is the only drawback but once you get going with it, it can win games pretty easy

  5. I’d love if you explained your sideboard and why you bring in each card in each MU. Otherwise, great article, and welcome to the family!

  6. thanx glad to be joining up. Suffer the Past I would bring in to combat Vengevine and RDW to remove Hellsparks and Hell’s Thunders. Vampire Hexmage is for planewalkers or if they have alot of x-2 or x-1 creatures the first strike can take care of them quick. Also Consume the Meek is against creature heavy decks Eldrazi Green, NLB, WW.

  7. Thanks for the article. I like reading about different decks in standard and how they play out. This was a good read. I’ve played around with a pyromancer ascension version of cruel control a bit, and its a blast to play.
    RE: last comment, It also looks like you boarded in Hexmage against the Beastmaster ascension. Is that right?

  8. This is an interesting deck, and Standard is quite competitive; seems to be a very fast format. I would probably work on the mana curve a bit; removing the Sedraxis Specters and substituting either Vampire Nighthawks (same CMC), or Black Knights for CMC 2. The sooner you can play threats against your opponent, the quicker they will have to respond. Novice control players might waste time countering everything you play before Cruel Ultimatum. I would look for more synergy. A nice item in the CMC 3 portion of the curve would be Goblin Assaults, and in the CMC 1 range, you could put Quest for the Goblin Lord = great synergy with Siege Gang Commander.