Store Delivery Info and Troubleshooting

Thank you for your interest in ordering from MTGO Academy’s web store. Most of our products are digital items for the Magic Online game.

Our delivery process is now 100% automated, and we can deliver to your at any time the Magic Online servers are up. Instead of having our staff manually deliver your Magic Online items to you via a trade, we now have Academy_Deliverybot. You should add Academy_Deliverybot to your buddy list and open a trade with it when you are ready to pick up your order on Magic Online. Academy_Deliverybot will accept the trade with you and then check to see if your Magic Online account has a paid order ready for it. If it does, it’ll let you know and then instruct you to open another trade. When you do so, all the cards and other items from your order will be ready for you to take!

As you know, however, sometimes things don’t go perfectly according to plan on Magic Online. Some of this is because Magic Online is still in development, and sometimes it’s admittedly due to our own software. See the list below for a set of common problems (and our suggested solutions) with the delivery process.

(Q1) HELP! Academy_Deliverybot won’t open a trade with me when I’m on Magic Online.

(A1) Academy_Deliverybot is a robot, but it’s not a very smart robot. You’ll need to prompt it by opening a trade with it first. Sorry! We’re trying to teach it more tricks, but it hasn’t learned how to open trades on its own just yet.

(Q2) HELP! I opened a trade with Academy_Deliverybot, but it refuses the trade or keeps telling me I don’t have an order with MTGO Academy!

(A2) This could be due to several reasons.

First, it’s possible that you completed an order with us for a different Magic Online account than the one currently logged in. Please be sure you’re logged in as the same account for whom the order was completed.

Second, it could be that Academy_Deliverybot is delivering orders to other customers, or is currently restarting due to periodic maintenance. Wait a few minutes and check the Classifieds listing for Academy_Deliverybot. It’ll let you know if it’s ready for a trade.

Third, it could be because your Magic Online settings prevent chat or trades with Magic Online accounts not on your buddy list. For instance, make sure that you do NOT have the option selected in your settings corresponding to “Chat Requests: Allow Only Buddies.”

Fourth, it could be because your payment didn’t process with us correctly. Please be sure that you have correctly and completely submitted payment before attempting to pick up your order.

Fifth, it could be that your Magic Online client is acting up for any number of reasons related to the program. Usually closing the Magic Online program and reopening it solves whatever problem arose.

If none of these seems to help, send us a note at store[at]mtgoacademy[dot]com, and we’ll get on the case as soon as we can!

(Q3) I ordered event tickets, booster packs, or some other item, but I can’t find them in the Academy_Deliverybot’s available inventory. WHY!?

(A3) Magic Online is weird. For whatever reason, event tickets, booster packs, Vanguard cards, and a few other items are not listed in the same category as most Magic Online cards. Please make sure that you don’t have any trade filters on preventing you from seeing all of the items you’re planning to pick up by clicking ‘Reset All Filters,’ and then also check the ‘Other Products’ tab, which is where you should be able to find Magic Online event tickets.

(Q4) What time are your store delivery hours?

(A4) Academy_Deliverybot can complete your orders whenever the Magic Online servers are active. Sometimes it may be down for maintenance, but this will be rare. This means that you can pick up your orders at night, on weekends, and even on holidays! (Academy_Deliverybot does not celebrate holidays and just loves to work all the time without sleeping.) If you have questions or need further troubleshooting for our human staff, send us an email at store[at]mtgoacademy[dot]com, and we’ll help as soon as possible. But we humans actually sleep sometimes, so we might not get back to you immediately.

(Q5) None of the above solutions applies to my situation, or I tried all of them, but none of them helped me!! I need my cards and want to play MAGIC, SWEET SWEET MAGIC right now!!!

(A5) Send us a note at store[at]mtgoacademy[dot]com, and let us know the following: (1) What time you tried to trade. (2) The MTGO username you were logged on as. (3) The web store Order ID number. (4) A brief description of the problem you’re experiencing. Any information you can send us will be helpful, and we’ll try to resolve your problem as soon as possible. If, in the end, we’re unable to do so, we’ll refund your order.

Thank you again for your interest in ordering from us.

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