Dime a Dozen #105: Ramper Room

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  1. Abundant Growth looked really bad. With all those Arrows, Myrs and Crushers, I think Ancient Stirrings would do work.

    The deck looked soft to uninteractive decks (the Infect player punted hard); what’s your experience been against Cyclops, Bogles and Drake? With this much land search and so little interaction, a second color looks like it might be a necessary and relatively painless evil to answer the format’s boogeymen.

  2. Kevin – Stirrings might be the right replacement indeed. I think a Moment’s Peace or Tangle effect will help against the first two decks you mentioned, and there are three Serene Hearts in board. I don’t metagame against Drake for a few reasons. What color would you add, just out of curiosity?

  3. Hey! Love this series and especially love this deck. With so many land searches do you think it would be good to add some more utility lands such as Khalni Garden or Slippery Karst? Also, do you think there is a need/room for Crop Rotation?

  4. fuyulee – Thanks for saying that! I like the deck too. That’s a pretty good idea, though I’d consider Quicksand before the ones you mentioned. I think Kevin’s idea for Ancient Stirrings might be a little better than Crop Rotation, because it can possibly find us a Crusher, Myr or Arrows in a pinch.

  5. I like the Quicksand idea and I’ll probably test it out sometime next week. I tested the deck with some modifications and it went well. Still doesn’t feel optimized but I liked it. I had Ancient Stirrings and that was usually good and rarely missed. Having tapped lands and non-green lands led to some awkward hands and missing colored mana. Still tended to have problems with flyers though pre-side board. Looking forward to more videos!

  6. Hey Jason, still swamped with work :(…

    Tortured Existence is continuing to prove very medium for me as well and I will probably stop messing around with it soon since it’s not going so well….

    I agree, this deck for sure wants Stirrings and and some number of Moment’s Peace…

    Also, I haven’t heard you mention or seen you cast Ruin Processor in months, are you over it lol???

  7. fuyulee – Glad you could share your findings!

    VanillaVillain – Definitely not over Ruin Processor. I will probably do some Processing once WOTC puts an end to the Peregrine Drake era.