Dime a Dozen #107: Aspect of Pauper

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  1. crdadvntg123 – Thanks for your question. I imagine that an argument could be made for either card. They both have trade-offs. Shoat is easier to ignore at first, while Elite presents a faster initial clock. With a Rancor or Growth it can fight into Spire Golem, Affinity creatures, Cyclops etc. pretty much right away.

    Shoat obviously is bigger later on, but one thing potentially working against it is the fact that Stompy wants to get the most damage in right now (rather than later).

    Hope you enjoyed the vids!

  2. My humble opinion. While Stompy wants as much early damage as possible, against a varied field, like pauper, it’s overall record is improved with some staying power. Spires are mid-game, and Affinity, well, lol… that’s what sideboard is for. I have found that Shoat is better against any combination of black; a two-for-one fatty above -2/-2 and such. I’ve personally decided to forego that one point of early damage as a result of limited playtest. Thanks for your vids, much appreciated.

  3. Hey Jason, do you think Self-Assembling Worker could have place somewhere? 5 mana for a 4/4 that draws another 4/4 is probably powerful enough to see play somewhere, maybe Tron? Didn’t see it mentioned in your Kaladesh commons review. I too think Sky Skiff will be a solid addition to aggressive decks but only in non-blue/non-white decks that actually need the evasion. For example I can see it in Green Stompy as it wears a Rancor really well and Quirion Ranger can untap and allow to attack whatever you used to crew the Skiff. Don’t think Renegade Freighter has what it takes despite being way above the curve stats wise.

  4. crdadvntg123 – Thanks to you as well!

    VanillaVillain – Yes, for sure. I believe Tron decks and some control decks can be built with the card. However, one big thing will be holding it back for the time being: Peregrine Drake. 5 mana is a different animal right now.

    Glad we’re both looking forward to Sky Skiff! Appreciate your opinions, as always.