Dime a Dozen #111: Pauper Control in Jund Colors

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  1. Match 1 game 1. Why didn’t you play your night’s whisper before cracking the evolving wilds to see if you were going to get a second black source?

  2. No_Life_No_Future – I will have to go back and check. My guess is that it was just out of habit: I often will crack fetches before drawing to lower my chances of drawing a basic. Thanks for the question!

  3. Hey Jason, how about a semi-competitive deck abusing the combination of:

    - Aurochs Herd
    - Avarax
    - Self-Assembler

    Possibly in an RG urza shell with some xburn, red removal and land selection…

    Could get interesting.

  4. Ding Dong the witch is dead!!! Time for a deck like this to shine. Let’s get cracking boys!!!

  5. VanillaVillain – Haha, yes indeed. Any suggestions for tuning this one to the upcoming meta (+1 Jeskai +1 MBC, etc.)?