Dime a Dozen #59: Cruise It or Lose It

How far can Treasure Cruise be pushed in Classic Pauper? Jason takes his Izzet brew into a Daily Event to find out!

If you’re interested in finding out what decks we’re going to face, you may click the spoiler tab below.

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Round 1 vs. Mono Black Control

Round 2 vs. Stinkweed Zombies

Round 3 vs. Mono White Tokens

Round 4 vs. Esper Familiars


  1. Nice run! I’m glad to see you not only talking about lists but taking them into Daily Events as well. It’s a good way to put your money where your mouth is, so to speak, and helps show the viability of a list against real competition.

  2. Keep up the good work! Love brewing in pauper myself. It’s kinda hard to find videos online to get inspired.

  3. Oh, thanks for the fast response. Sure i can send a list with a recent brew i think you would like. But i’d like to screen dumb for overview(laziness) and explain some of the card choises.

  4. About the familiar matchup, how about bring some more Raze and maybe Piracy Charm for the sideboard?

  5. Round 1 was one of the most entertaining Magic matches I’ve come across online. Or at least they were entertaining for me!

  6. Jason this was really great. I love the thought you put into the deck, and the videos were fantastic. That first match against the MBC pilot was amazing.

  7. Love Pauper as a format in general. You did a great job explaining how Treasure Cruise is basically a Power 9 if used correctly. Will definitely try out the deck soon. Any advice on building a pauper collection that can be molded to different decks?

  8. Osiris117 – Glad you enjoyed it!

    That’s a really good question…I think the answer depends on whether or not budget is an issue for you. You can always check out a site like mtgo-stats to see what the most played cards in the format are.

    While building your collection you can also play in some of the free-to-enter PREs and win tickets, that will get you more cards and hopefully more wins!