Dime a Dozen #63: 93 ‘til Affinity

Is Mirran metal still robust enough to dismantle the Pauper 2-mans? Jason battles against the Treasure Cruise strategies in search of an answer!

If you’re interested in finding out what decks we’re going to face, you may click the spoiler tab below.

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Round 1 vs. Izzet Fiend

Round 2 vs. Pauper Domain

Round 3 vs. Dimir Delve(r)


  1. It would be interesting to see the deck list of the Gurmag Angler U/B control deck you faced. It seems interesting.

  2. dogPuppy – Yeah, it’s put up a few results lately as well! I’ve just started toying with the deck…you can find some lists by browsing the Pauper DE results.