Dime a Dozen #99: (Not so) Marvelous Mardu

As requested in a previous YouTube comment, Jason tries out Goblin Matron in a Mardu shell! Will the Pauper 2-Man Queues be kind to him?

Heliod’s Pilgrim was in the deck for a while (as requested by clelvis225), but I just don’t think it’s well-positioned right now.

Peregrine Drake encourages us to play Lightning Bolt, while many decks in the format still encourage Flame Slash. This means that a number of our deck slots are already accounted for, and making even more space for aura-based removal and other synergies just doesn’t seem optimal.

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This deck certainly underperformed today, and I’m trying to piece together why.


I built and played a very similar strategy recently, and that one semed to do much better. This particular list seems to be lacking in overall power, and has a tendency to lose topdeck wars (which it shouldn’t).


It also feels like a worse version of other decks in this class (a class that includes Kuldotha Jeskai, MBC and Puaper Domain) because it doesn’t have many haymaker sequences along the lines of devotion-into-Gray Merchant of Asphodel.


Feel free to point out what you think might be going wrong with the deck.

Coming soon is Dime a Dozen #100! Crazy.


  1. Thanks Jason for playing this deck! Can’t watch the videos this second but I will for sure! My list is pretty far off from this, but thats probably a good thing because I haven’t been having much success with it. I’ll give it you because why not, maybe you can give me some suggestions:
    4x Goblin Matron
    4x Warren Pilferers
    4x Kor Skyfisher
    3x Heliod’s Pilgrim

    1x Tarfire
    1x Nameless Inversion
    4x Firebolt
    3x Chainer’s Edict
    3x Dead Weight
    4x Journey to Nowhere

    4x Prophetic Prism
    25x Lands

    The basic idea is that every removal spell is two cards, or can be fetched by a tutor making it nearly free. All the creatures can either fetch a removal spell or allow you to reuse another creature. So all our cards are really two cards. If your not playing Blue in this format you really need to be able to grind like this…I have been having good results against aggro and midrange, but against control like Teachings I just have too many dead cards and not enough threats…

    Thanks for listening to your fans and I will watch the vids later and today!!!

  2. Not that it’s relevant but mana base is:
    3x Scoured Barrens
    3x Bloodfell Caves
    3x Wind-Scarred Crag
    4x Terramorphic Expanse
    3x Evolving Wilds
    3x Plains
    3x Mountain
    3x Swamps

    Sorry if I’m mucking up your content with ridiculous comments and suggestions but any Pauper discussion is good discussion right? With that in mind I’ve run across some decks in the last few days of testing that were unique, to me at least…and I was wondering if you had come across them before. One was a deck that made GREAT use of Ponyback Brigade, blink effects and “return” effects like Angelic Renewal and Undying Evil to “persist” the the Ponyback Brigade. And the other was a Gnaw to the Bone deck using, well, Gnaw to the Bone to gain massive amounts of life by cycling creatures like Jungle Weaver, Street Wraith , Monstrous Carabid and Deadshot Minotaur. I had never seen either deck before in my limited experience with the format…

  3. VanillaVillain – No problem! 16 CIPT seems like overkill. I’m pretty sure I’ve faced both of those decks, but I’ve faced each of them only once.

  4. Please make a deck that features Wretched Gryff, and please include Yavimaya elders to pay the emerge cost. You won’t regret it.

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